Frollo is a visionary thinker, obsessed with ridding Paris of the “gypsy vermin”. This sole purpose dominates his policies for over twenty years. Once the Archdeacon stops him from murdering the gypsy child, Frollo immediately has a premonition that guides him forward (“Who knows, our Lord works in mysterious ways…this child may someday be of use to me”.). His manipulation of Quasi comes in handy later when he discerns that “the hunchback” must have aided Esmeralda’s escape from Notre Dame. He then reasons (without evidence) that Quasi knows where the Court of Miracles is, and plants a seed in Quasi’s mind that he intends to kill everyone there, which in turn leads him to the Court of Miracles. Even though Frollo is intensely cruel and manipulative of Quasi, he only uses emotional manipulation on the hunchback – it is not his “go-to” function for everyone else, who receives authoritative orders and stone-cold policies, built on rational reasoning (“Ease up between lashes… otherwise, the old sting will dull him to the new.“; “My last captain of the guard proved a disappointment to me.”; “Such a pity… you had such a promising career ahead of you.”; “Hold off, Captain. I want a lesson learned here.”). Even to Esmeralda, instead of applying Fe-seduction tactics, Frollo simply says, “Choose me, or the fire.” – because the rational thing, in his mind, is not to burn; only a crazy person would choose an irrational, horrific death over him, right? “Hellfire” is the epitome of internal angst, where Frollo wrestles with his intense lust for Esmeralda while weighing it against the only voices that matter to him – those of God and the saints, which are ultimately overridden in favor of fulfilling his selfish desires (“You made the devil so much stronger than a man; it’s not my fault, I’m not to blame”!). He sneers at Quasi for being led by his emotions, and derives pleasure out of dominating and humiliating him, not to take joy in feeling his suffering (evil Fe), but because he wants the hunchback so dependent on him, to be his servant, and he believes Quasi deserves “punishment” for disobedience. His inferior Se is wildly out of control. His own sexual desires terrify, overwhelm and horrify him, leading him to an irrational, destructive, fire-driven destruction of Paris. If that’s not inferior Se out of control, nothing is – Frollo sacrifices his political integrity, his stronghold on Paris, his ties to the Church, his popularity, and even his life, in pursuit of a short-sighted, temporarily-fulfilling lustful urge, handling his desire to merge with the outside world / Esmeralda so badly that his entire great power scheme crumbles in the process.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Frollo is driven through his need to be ‘moral’ and ‘good,’ yet in the flaming style of low-health-level 1w2′s, he fails to realize his own hypocrisy. He suppresses all his instincts and desires, anything that can be seen as ‘evil’ – and blames God for his sexual lusts before giving into them, in a fiendishly emotional pursuit of Esmeralda that betrays his own severe repression’s consequences. One of his most famous lines betrays his rigid moral superiority – “Look at that disgusting display!” He becomes hyper emotional and violent, moving from 1 into 4 disintegration — a sudden rush of intense emotion that becomes “melodrama” when it comes to dealing with his emotions (throwing a fit and blaming God for his sins, while believing himself superior to the common hordes) and 2 into 8 (aggression and violence). His 2 wing is equally unhealthy – Frollo has a twisted perception of ‘serving’ humanity with his moralistic aggression and his position of power; he confuses his sense of a mission with his self-centered needs and ideals. He’s blind to his own motives (pride), choosing to invade and dominate others and furious when they do not submit to his will. He can be manipulative and calculating.