Quasi’s beautiful soul shines in everything he does. He is tender, kind and emotional. He is so attached to Frollo, that he wants to please him at all costs, even though it means sacrificing his desire to be out in the world – ultimately, though, Quasi’s need to be true to himself and his desires wins out, leading him to make many decisions that displease his abuser. He shares his feelings with the gargoyles (which may or may not be manifestations of his inner consciousness), but no one else. He’s an intense ball of emotional strength and virtue, who cannot do anything against his internal ethical sense (he cannot let Esmeralda die; he cannot turn down helping Phoebus, or leave the gypsies to their fate, or even kill Frollo). He desires to go outside and live life to the fullest, lamenting that others do not know how good they have it, that they can enjoys such wonderful opportunities as the Festival of Fools (“What I wouldn’t give…”). In order to cope with his isolation and imprisonment, Quasi names and rings the bells, and creates beautiful things for his loft – wood carvings, little buildings, images of the people, animals, and things in the Paris streets. Quasi has no fear of climbing about on Notre Dame, and trusts his abilities, because he’s so much at ease in his environment (“Have you ever done this before”? “No”!). He’s good at noticing things and being opportunistic, even though it means he sometimes rushes into things without thinking (heading off to save Esmeralda). “You taught me that the world is a dark and cruel place; now I know the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you”! Quasi sometimes leaps to conclusions (he convinces himself that Esmeralda loves him, when she doesn’t love him in that way), and doesn’t always think about the long-term consequences of his actions; but he does want to believe in mystical things (“Hmm, I don’t see any – monster lines”, Esmeralda says; “Not a single one. Now, look at my palm…do you think I’m evil?”) He figures out that the “woven band” is a map of the city, even though Phoebus is skeptical. His decisions are mostly based on what he believes is right, but Quasi doesn’t hesitate to act on his instincts, beliefs or impulses, and he finally has a strongly-worded confrontation with Frollo at the end of the film that reveals his true feelings, and his desire to break free from his imprisonment (inferior Te).

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Quasi is a gentle, sweet soul who never gives Frollo any trouble, and is afraid of causing himself to go unloved if he in any way challenges his master. He tries to sluff off his emotional abuse by arguing that Frollo “loves him” and “takes care of me when no one else would,” showing that he has adopted Frolllo’s negative impression of him and taken it as part of his 9 identity. But his 8 wing comes out defensively when challenged or provoked – he is not intimidated by Phoebus and angrily tries to protect Esmeralda from him; he defies Frollo by rescuing her from the fire and uses Notre Dame against his master, even going so far as to turn his anger against Frollo at the climax of the film – but still, his 9ish desire to forgive and forget, to move on and avoid conflict, causes him to flee rather than stab Frollo. Even though he does not like Phoebus, Quasi still agrees to hide him.