Function Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Jerry is the “entirety of the universe, condensed into a form humans can understand,” a collective state of “we” beings that see themselves as working within a complex unit, to inspire, create, and give form to human beings by pushing their souls to chose a passion, find a spark of enthusiasm for life, and then be on their way into real life on planet earth. They are warm, welcoming, wonderful with children, tolerant with Terry (the “accountant” who deals with the dead, in comparison to their dealing with the future living), and patient in their attempts to guide these future human souls through their individualized process of self-discovery. Jerry remains optimistic that someone can help 22 find her purpose, even though the last … however many mentors have failed, but are willing to return Joe to the afterlife in the assumption that he gave it his best shot. They are much less concerned with counting souls than Terry, but encouraging toward her in her quest to restore balance to the numbers, and give her an award as requested, without judgment when she demands it. They focus on inspiring, and find that Joe and 22 have instead inspired them, allowing them to fudge the rules so that Joe can return to his life and have a second chance.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sx

Jerry is a peaceful and calm series of entities, who manage to handle the natural upheavals in their environment without any fuss; they pick children at random and send them through different places that give them assigned personality traits and don’t pass much judgment on what happens as a result (these five will be aloof, and that one will be a megalomaniac, but they see it as “quite a handful” instead of a serious problem). They are willing to ignore the rules for the greater good, to get along with Terry even though none of them like her, and pleasantly go about their business at all times.