Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Unlike the rest of her companions in the land of “before,” Terry is all about making sure things work efficiently and correctly. She spends her time tediously and meticulously going over details, counting every single soul that comes and goes, and making sure it all adds up at the end of the day. She immediately notices when one soul goes missing and takes it upon herself to find them and set it right by returning that lost soul to the afterlife. She assumes she can find them and restore them and should get a reward for her accomplishment, brushing aside others in her attempts to make sure Joe doesn’t get away with his selfish shenanigans. She is fine with working with sensitive information, highly responsible, and willing to go through each soul drawer by drawer, rather than to leap to any conclusions. She knows to figure out who is missing she must be methodical, and she doesn’t really think much about the emotional consequences, either to Joe or to the man she accidentally sends to his death (and then restores); Terry is more concerned with doing her job right.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

Terry toward the end accepts an award, which she “insisted” they give to her and which she pronounces that she definitely deserves, for putting the count right and saving them all from a disaster. She is pretty much a driven workaholic who has no time for niceties with her coworkers and ignores them in favor of getting her task done. Terry doesn’t like it that one soul has escaped back to earth, because it brings her count into question and reflects on her work performance, so she goes to great lengths to set it right, even visiting the land of the living and brushing aside the fact that she accidentally traumatized a living person by sending them into the afterlife for a few seconds. She brushes it off, tells them to forget about it, and disappears.