Dorothea doesn’t have much screen time, but also suffers no fools; she is to the point, abrupt, and proactive. When she first meets Joe, she scorns him for being a mere music teacher, but when he proves to her that he has talent and can play, she hires him on the spot. Then when she sees him in a hospital gown acting erratic in the street, she immediately replaces him, assuming him either crazy or too sick to perform; but then gives him a second chance when he turns up ready to perform, stands up to her, and demands his turn in the spotlight. Dorothea is blunt and not all that interested in his feelings, or those of anyone else; she assesses him on whether he can play well or not, and if he can, he’s hired. She sees potential in him where others might not, but also leaps to quick conclusions. Dorothea, when she finds him musing on why he feels no different having achieved his dream, responds with a metaphor about a fish being unable to see that he’s in the ocean, because he sees it as water – it means that she sizes Joe up as someone who is ignoring the gifts and the life he’s living in favor of a dream of something better, not realizing that this, right here and now, what’s tangible, is life. She leaves him to ponder it without explaining it, assuming he can figure it out for himself. Dorothea is quick to act, somewhat impulsive in how fast she changes her mind, and absolutely loves jazz. She loves to get in the zone, and be ‘one’ with whatever she is doing, but never shows her emotions to anyone.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Dorothea doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for fools. She’s abrasive and confrontational right off the bat, and only respects Joe after he stands up to her, insists that he wants his shot at fame, and that he’s here to play music (she remarks dryly that he’s arrogant, but respects it enough to give him what he wants). Rather than explain anything to him, she just starts playing, ignores him asking what they are performing, and lets him find his own way into the music, to prove a point and test his abilities. She sneers at him being a mere music teacher, but isn’t too proud to eat her words and hire him when he proves himself worthy. Though firm and forceful, she remains calm even when things go wrong.