Moonwind is something of a contented weirdo who enjoys doing his own thing, spending all of his time in the zone helping people find their way back into their bodies (by finding those ‘lost souls’ who have no purpose in life, and kicking them back into the land of the living), while twirling an eatery sign on a busy street corner. He’s super interested in everyone he meets, obsessed with abstract thinking like disconnected souls, astro-bodies, and suchlike. He will go out of his way to help someone, while maintaining a totally non-judgmental attitude about everyone he meets. Even though Joe wants to break the rules, and Moonwind isn’t supposed to do that, he looks the other way and helps him open a portal between worlds, patiently talking him through what he must do to reconnect to his body and urging him to be careful in how he does it. He has no problem changing his plans on the spur of a moment, and agreeing to put Joe back in his body and send 22 back “home” if that’s what she wants, and even suggests they wait until the last minute to do it (when the planets are aligned). Though a leader in the zone, he doesn’t boss people around much and has no real interest in anything tangible, although he does rely somewhat on previous experience when coaching Joe about how to resolve his problems.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Moonwind is a free spirit who likes to keep things light, even in intense situations; he confesses that 22 has become a ‘lost soul’ but he has by no means lost hope for her, and takes Joe to find her anyway. When he accidentally knocks both souls into the land of the living, he goes away whistling and pretends nothing has happened. He enthusiastically greets both of them when they come to him in the real world, and offers to help them out at the right time (when the right planets are aligned). He seems to have little concern about his mother constantly haranguing him, since he just does his own thing out on the street corner, and gets into the zone rather than pay attention to her comments. He’s willing to go down with the ship, and has a family and friend-centric focus, as he often speaks in “we” terms of his fellow zone-travelers and himself.