Lilah advances through Wolfram & Hart quickly because she is logical, detached, unscrupulous, and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. She prefers to keep unemotional and not get involved, unlike Lindsey, whom she cautions numerous times about relying too much on his emotions and being impulsive; Lilah points out that their bosses have plans for Angel, and he should let them unfold. She also knows an incredible amount of purely technical legal jargon, all about laws and how to circumvent them, and easily handles corporate legal cases. When she wants to know information, she goes in search of it herself, but is surprised when an ISTJ in the records department knows all the references by heart, since she would never gather that much relevant data unless it was for a specific purpose. Lilah tries to be ten steps ahead of her coworkers at all times, and of Angel and his friends. She has known what she wanted her entire life and steadily worked toward it, always keeping her eye on the end result and never deviating from her path. But she can also be impulsive and somewhat hedonistic; she knows what Angel is, and what plans they have for him, yet when an evil entity takes over his body, she almost has sex with him on a desk in Wesley’s office, without regard for who might find them or the consequences. She winds up in an affair with Wesley later, for whom she develops feelings that she finds difficult to admit to. Lilah doesn’t care much about anything outside her work, but she does care about her mother enough to take good care of her, despite never having felt like the woman appreciated her talents.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

Lilah is ambitious and hard-working, goal-oriented and willing and able to put her emotions aside to get done whatever needs done. She is willing to compromise and work together with others in her department, whenever she senses that she might not gain the upper hand after all, but is also determined to succeed. She wants to be in charge and shines the most when she’s allowed the chance to take over major projects. She competes with Lindsey to earn the approval of their bosses and tolerates a degree of sexism and mistreatment in the service of her higher goals (initially, refusing to deal with the monster who beat the hell out of her, but then changing her mind and sending Angel and his friends information that would lead them to him, and finally, dispatching him herself). She can be somewhat emotional, easily hurt by slights, but also believes herself to be better than Lindsey and her other coworkers; she will often put them down for their mistakes.