Lindsey is an aggressive and impulsive lawyer, who can change his mind literally overnight about his intentions and what he is going to do – he teams up with Angel and his friends to betray his boss, then turns around given the opportunity to advance himself in the firm and accepts a counter-offer. Lindsey starts working against them from that moment forward. He cares very little about the “long term consequences” of anything, since he doesn’t care that Wolfram & Hart has a “plan” for Angel – he intends to attack and kill him anyway. Lindsey often does his own dirty work, including running Angel down with his truck after he has abandoned and mistreated Darla, then getting out of it and beating him up with a baseball bat. He tries to prevent Angel from getting a prophecy and gets his hand cut off in the process. Finally, having achieved the success he wanted, he turns down an offer of senior partner and leaves LA forever, because he no longer wants anything to do with the practice’s immoral tactics. Lindsey is at almost constant war between his ambitions and his morals; he takes part in many underhanded tactics against Angel, in blackmailing people, using demonic energies to move against them, etc., but draws the line on a handful of things, including murdering three blind children. He thinks the firm stealing body parts from people in order to magically suture them onto others (including himself) is reprehensible, and so he quits, claiming that the hand they gave him is “evil.” Lindsey falls in love with Darla almost immediately, despite knowing the truth about her barbaric nature, and goes out of his way to protect her. He has no real long-term planning happening in his life, although he does sense that Darla left him alive for a reason, and assumes it’s because she cares about him (it’s not true).

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/so

Lindsey grew up in an impoverished home and feels very proud about the success he has achieved within Wolfram & Hart. He’s incredibly competitive and goal-driven, determined to outstrip Lilah and beat her to a plum position within the firm. He pretends to be on Angel’s side at times only to turn around and betray him and doesn’t mind using underhanded tactics to achieve his aims, including using a charitable organization as a cover-up to steal money. However, Lindsey also wants to do good by certain people, feels driven to actually contribute to the charity and the good it is doing in the community. He takes in Darla and nurses her back to health after Angel sets her on fire, out of love for her and concern for her well-being. He can be somewhat emotional and rarely thinks before he acts.