Doyle tends to live fully in the moment, giving himself over to whatever impulse seems the most appealing at any given time, from gambling and running away from loan shark collectors to helping Angel “fight the forces of darkness” through leaping into action, punching people in the face, or even sacrificing his life to save a bunch of his friends (and transferring his visions to Cordelia with their first and last kiss). He often takes things on a superficial level, such as anticipating that Cordelia will like him better than she does, and admits to Angel that he would have chosen the pleasures of the flesh over duty any day of the week. He often spends his free time drinking, dancing, flirting, and trying to convince Cordelia to give him a chance. Though he puts on a tough-guy act, he’s actually quite sensitive to insults, often gets his feelings hurt when Cordelia brushes him aside, and keeps things close to his chest. He doesn’t admit to his true, deep feelings for her, so much as he shows her how he feels through direct actions (saving her, protecting her, even kissing her before he’s about to die). Doyle acts on whatever he feels at any given times, without much thought about the eventual backlash. He doesn’t care why demons do bad things, he just wants to dispatch them quickly and get on with the fun. Doyle can be blunt in what he says to others, and does like someone to have a “plan,” even if he doesn’t especially want to come up with it. He doesn’t like to plan too far in advance, and doesn’t really think about the motivations or hidden connections behind what’s obvious.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Fun-loving, irresponsible, and likable, Doyle has spent many years evading the consequences of his bad decisions – running away from his problems (and his creditors), not paying his debts, and focusing on having a good time instead. He would rather be drinking and dancing and partying than dealing with the harsh realities of life, although he also sees potential in Angel and pushes him to be a force for good in the world. Doyle maintains an optimistic belief that he can win over Cordelia sooner or later, ignoring her attempts to push him away out of a notion that he can break through her defenses and prove to her what a great guy he is, despite knowing she has seen his worst side (and his awful apartment). Though generally careless much of the time, Doyle does fear being hurt, maimed, or betrayed. He’s cautious when Cordelia moves into a haunted apartment and tells her to leave, rather than stay and fight for it—when she won’t listen, however, he sticks beside her and fights the good fight with her.