Lorne is a natural people- reader… and demon-reader… and vampire-reader. He is extremely personable, and no matter who he is talking to, can adjust himself to become and say whatever they most need to hear, in the way they need to hear it. He takes one approach with Angel (a harsher one at times), another with Cordelia, Gunn, Wesley, and Fred. He openly admits to his feelings the instant he feels them, even if it’s just to exclaim, “I like this girl!” He also reads the emotions between other people and can tell when they are attracted to each other. Once he arrived in LA, even though he’d never been there before and knew nothing about earth, Lorne envisioned a bar where perfect strangers could come together in peace and harmony and spend time together, where he could help them, without any of the hang-ups from his home world (which considered humans common beasts of burdens and used them as slaves). He has completely abandoned everything from his former life and never looked back, with no intention of going home. Lorne is insightful into others’ feelings even when they are not singing; he senses their aura and things about them, even their shifting moods. He sometimes speaks in metaphors and abstract terminology, and is quite comfortable guiding others through their difficult emotions. Lorne is also quite a sensual creature; he enjoys being in a highly stimulating environment (a busy bar is a wonderful place), he quickly adapts to new problems that arise (whenever anyone threatens his life or that of his friends); he indulges in expensive suits, fine martinis, and lives the high life, but can also be a risk-taker; he returns home, either not realizing or not caring that his family might want him dead. Lorne often asks probing questions of other people, but rarely of himself.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sx

Lorne hated his own dimension so much, he left that world behind and came to earth, where he has established a karaoke bar that allows him to listen to people sing, read their auras, and then help them straighten out their life by interpreting their emotions for them, and telling them what life path to take. He enjoys being in this social role of an expert and a helper, and also warmly welcomes Angel and his friends into his club. He protects them, goes out of his way to assist them in unraveling their intense emotions, and even gets his own bar blown up, because he’s willing to take in a pregnant Darla, endangering himself in the process. Even though he’d rather not return to his home world, he reluctantly agrees to act as their guide and almost gets permanently murdered there. Lorne is flamboyant, confident, and a showman, enjoying putting on a show and having an ‘exclusive’ club where anyone can make themselves at home.