Darla immediately sees potential in Angel when they first meet and turns him into a vampire; he then credits her with keeping their lives constantly entertaining and exciting, full of unexpected delights and surprises, as she reads into whatever he might enjoy and brings it to him. Their debauchery and cruelty knows no bounds, and she has a great deal of scorn for the “old ways.” She chooses her immortal life, and feels disdain for anyone who would not embrace it; she feels a certain amount of loyalty to the Master, and returns to his service after Angelus regains his soul. She immediately senses that he has changed and orders him out of her life, but can’t help feeling remorse over the loss of his love, longing for the good old days, and trying to recreate them by convincing him to lose himself in her. Darla as a vampire is unscrupulous and only concerned with her own feelings; she can be callous and mean, throwing Angel out into the world when he turns to her for help, because she can’t imagine loving anything with a soul. She has a low opinion of humanity in general, and prefers to feed on them as chattel. She sees potential in Drusilla and has metaphorical discussions with her, but also uses her and other people to get what she wants from Angel and his friends (Darla knows who to target, to upset them). Darla is emotional and withdrawn, refusing to confide in Lindsey easily, but also tactless and even cruel – she outright tells him that she and Angel had sex, and scorns him for wanting her to love him (Lindsey). She says mean things just to hurt people, and air her own feelings toward them. Darla is also a schemer, who comes up with specific plans to get back at people. She can ignore her feelings to save her own life, such as when she left Angelus to die while she stole the only horse in the barn and fled a torch-bearing mob. In the end, she redeems herself; she knows her child cannot live while she dies, so she stakes herself to protect his life. Once Darla returns as a human with a soul, she immediately wants her old life back, so she can go back to being a vampire and forget all the unpleasant things in her past. Yet, she has never let go of Angel, she feels deep resentment toward him for not caring about her enough to “lose his soul in me” (unlike Buffy), and is angry when he says she never gave him a moment of perfect happiness. She takes this personally, insisting that over a century of love and lovemaking should balance out a few years of caring for a stupid little Slayer. Darla places a lot of emphasis on her past history with Angel, the Master, Spike, and Drusilla, often reminiscing about the good old days and falling back into predictable habits, such as always insisting on the best view.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/sp

Darla is all about being seductive, manipulative, and beautiful; whenever she attaches herself to someone, such as Angelus, she devotes herself entirely to him, to caring for him, looking after his well-being, and by bringing him beautiful girls to feast upon (she got a high out of watching him feast, and they might even make love first). She’s highly emotional and easily offended; she cannot believe Angel loved Buffy more than her, after they spent a “century” together, and disintegrates into a rage in which she tries repeatedly to kill Angel, disgusted by his betrayal, his regret for his past, and his carelessness in telling her how little she means to him. She also becomes enraged at Drusilla for turning her back into a vampire, but then quickly changes her mind and embraces her back into the fold. She cares a lot about appearances and fine living, seeking out the best rooms with a view whenever she travels abroad with her lover. She also adapts as she tries to appeal to Angel/Angelus, to become whatever he wants her to be, out of a hope that he will rejoin her and reestablish their bond.