Kate is a street-smart cop, who when she finds out the supernatural world exists, wants to know and define it through familiar terms. It unnerves her to think that what she has taken for granted as real all this time has been disguised as innocent, rather than the monsters that lurk beneath the surface. She is meticulous and trusts the details she gathers with her own investigations; this leads her to read things on a surface level at times, such as when she assumes Angel is a serial killer, because he fits the profile, has turned up in a bar where people have gone missing and acts suspiciously. She trusts him only after they work together long enough to establish her ability to rely on him. But then when she finds out he’s a vampire, she begins to doubt him and her own perceptions. Kate is factual, accurate, and cares about closing her case; she isn’t interested in the “why” so much as in getting things done. She acquires facts and makes decisions based off them, is blunt, and often argumentative at work. She is good at playing the “bad cop” and getting people to confess, as well as establishing hard boundaries with Angel (telling him to get out of her life, and leave her alone, even blaming him unjustly for her father’s death). But Kate has a lot of issues dealing with her emotions – she has to be under the influence of a magical stick to open up to her father and tell him how much she longed to hear praise and encouragement from him, that she needed to talk about her mother’s death (he never did). Rather than mourn with Angel in attendance, when she finds her father’s body, she kicks him out and demands that he leave. She is critical and quarrelsome at times, so much so that the department sends them all to “sensitivity training” for something she said to a suspect. Kate has poor intuition; she is almost never right in her hunches, blames the wrong people for crimes they didn’t commit, and is suspicious of anything she doesn’t know.

Enneagram: cp 6w5 so/sp

Kate is suspicious and distrustful. She doesn’t buy Angel’s story about being a private investigator, so she digs into him, links him to various crime scenes, and becomes convinced he is a serial killer. Even after his name is cleared, she continues to keep him at a safe distance, feeling both pulled toward him and going against him – arguing with him more than she agrees with him. She reacts against her fear by acting assertive, and going with a “tough girl” routine. Kate won’t let anyone get close to her, and hates to admit to her feelings, even though she is quite emotional on a regular basis. She trusts herself more than she trusts other people, and tries not to over-rely on them. Ultimately, she pushes Angel away because she blames him for her father getting mixed up in demon business – substituting Angel for the actual perpetrators and not wanting to admit to her father’s mistakes.