Fred was studying advanced science, mathematics, and astrophysicist material before she got sucked into another dimension and lived there as a slave. Once she returns to earth and integrates into the group, she immediately shows an ability to sense things about all of them, and put it into abstract terms (she points out that Angel is the Warrior, Cordelia is the Heart, Wesley is Knowledge, and Gunn is Strength, but she isn’t sure where she fits in). Her train of thought is sporadic and wanders around a lot; she will be talking about her date with Angel one minute, and making a remark on the movie they saw the next, without anyone knowing she has changed subjects. She often makes totally random observations that catch the others off guard, and confesses that she has spent time pondering fully abstract conceptual problems in order to solve them – like how could you kill a monster with your arms cut off (she adds that of course you would bleed out in a matter of minutes, when others give her horrified looks, misinterpreting their shock to be stating the obvious logical repercussions of bodily limb loss). Fred is quick to find connections between things, has flashes of insight, and comes to conclusions faster than any of her friends (she looks at the crystals on her blouse, and instantly knows the alien creature they killed has a spouse that will return to kill them). She covers the walls of her room with mathematical equations, along with the cave where Angel originally finds her – she was trying to figure out an algorithm to conjure up a wormhole to return to her own dimension. She tinkers with and invents things in her spare time, improving their weaponry and taking a genuine interest in Wolfram & Hart’s science department. She doesn’t really need to pay much attention to what she’s doing to get it right and quickly notices discrepancies. When Angel asks Fred how she is feeling, she has eight different words to express her emotions. She frequently talks about her feelings – her insecurities, her sadness, her happiness, and her budding affection for her “boys.” Fred really does care about her friends and feels drawn to protecting them, but also worries that she might let them down, talk too much, or not be what they need. She’s good at encouraging others and prefers to think the best of others… even Spike. Though she isn’t interested in reliving her past, particularly since it’s so traumatic, Fred remembers an astounding amount of information and details about her interests. She asks lots of questions to find out as many facts as she can, and frequently references movies, books, plays, and music in general conversation, weaving things she’s heard, seen, and read into broader contexts.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Fred just wants to feel safe, something she never felt in the alternate dimension. She refuses to come out of her room unless Angel is around for weeks, even though the others try to make her feel welcome, because the outside world seems too scary and intimidating. Once she figures out how she can be supportive of her friends, however, Fred starts to come out of her shell and even out from under the desk, becoming more bold, taking advantage of situations (pretending to be so scared she is willing to join the bad guys, then turning the crossbow on him and demanding he let her friends go unless he wants her to kill him). She is warm, funny, and likable, actively nervous around people but also able to disarm them with her sweetness and charm. Though she mostly shows a 5 wing in her creative thinking and big imagination, a well as her initial avoidance of the outside world, as time passes, Fred becomes more self-confident of her ideas and her role in their group and carries her own weight, becoming a bad-ass in her own right.