Angelus is a hedonist of the highest order; after being turned into a vampire, he traveled the world, indiscriminately feeding on whomever came into his path, and sometimes doing so for the express purpose of upsetting other people. He is callous and calculating, dominant and quick to act; when he first appears in Buffy, he intentionally spurns her, saying things he knows will hurt her feelings (that she was just no good in bed, and it meant nothing). He goes on to murder Jenny by tracking her down, then stages her body in Giles’ house, leading him on with rose petals so he will assume she has a romantic evening planned. Angelus is quick to leap into action and pummel people, using his fists and weapons. He and Darla travel around looking for rebellions and taking advantage of the chaos to feed undetected. He doesn’t hold her betraying him against her, and continues to pursue her, catch up to her, mistreat her, and make love to her. He is a dangerous foe, because he’s violent, unpredictable, sadistic, and emotionally manipulative. But he rarely plans for the future or thinks about the potential consequences of his actions – feeding on a gypsy girl causes her kin to curse him with a soul, ending his reign of terror.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Angelus is all about brute force, domination, and invading other people’s boundaries – both in a physical sense as he terrorizes and feeds on people, and in an emotional and mental sense as he browbeats and tries to control them. He doesn’t take no for an answer, nor does he give in when he should; instead, he asserts himself, laughing when he’s being punched in the face by Faith, or tortured by any number of people, to prove to them he neither feels pain nor cares what they do to him (or anyone else, for that matter). He likes it when he finds Drusilla, because she is naïve, innocent, and pure – so he takes over her life, kills everyone she knows, and then turns her, after forcing her to watch him and Darla fornicate, since it pleases him to corrupt anything innocent and good. Angelus tends to take whatever he wants, indiscriminately; he hides nothing, apologizes for nothing, and seeks pleasure at every available opportunity. He has a quirky sense of humor (even if it is cruel) and tries to keep things “light.”