Olympus is a visionary who believes her son will be her avenger, that her salvation will come from her womb, and that he will “conquer worlds.” Alexander says of his mother that all that he is, is merely a “cracked mirror of her dreams,” meaning she pushes him hard to fulfill his destiny. She is forever strategizing, thinking about how to protect both of them, and nudging him toward decisive actions that would secure his kingship. She orders him to execute the man who murdered his father and confiscate his lands so he might profit off it. She pushes him to marry a Macedonian and produce children and is frustrated when he does not listen to her advice, and continues to wander in the world without paying any attention to his homeland. She urges him repeatedly to return and strengthen his power (his “center”) in Greece, rather than chasing a dream that will lead him nowhere. She tells him not to confuse his feelings with his duties and turn his attention to his need for trusted allies. Olympus can be somewhat emotional at times; when Alexander accuses her of having a hand in murdering his father, she asks him what she has done that he would hate her so much; tells him that they share a soul and she has only him in her heart. She believes his father will replace him, and her, with a younger wife and new sons; where Alexander passively wants to stand aside and let it happen, she points out that in twenty years, when his father is dead, his new son will be the same age Alexander is now, and ready to rule – he should just take power now while he has support among their friends. She is more willing to deal ruthlessly with their enemies than he is. Olympus does not appear to do much; she makes occasional public appearances to watch gladiator games, but prefers to spend her time with her snakes.

Enneagram: 5w4 sp/sx

Olympus is very emotionally withdrawn and even callous, in how she is willing to kill her husband and his new wife and child to secure her son’s political future, even though she admits that she has “never stopped loving” her husband. She also has a lot of far-fetched ideas, born of her own preferred way of seeing reality; she believes Zeus fathered Alexander in the midst of a storm, because she has never been made love to that well before or since, and that he will go on to have a great destiny. Though ruthless and determined, Olympus also has an emotional side that kicks in whenever she feels misunderstood; she can become distraught and even melodramatic when attempting to keep her hold on the throne, maintain her son’s affections, etc. She will often escalate into moodiness and storm out of a Room. A great fear of loss drives her – she doesn’t want to lose her position or that of her son. She is also highly suspicious of everyone and somewhat paranoid; telling Alexander early on that people are like snakes; no matter how much you pet and feed them, some of them will turn on and strike you. She tells him to beware of men, for they cannot be trusted.