Nakia has strong feelings about their moral duty to their people, and in caring about others outside their borders; she tries to convince T’Challa more than once to undertake philanthropic duties in the greater world, and devotes much of her time to protecting the innocent and finding and arresting those who do social harm. She is upfront about her feelings for T’Challa (whether happy with him or angry at him) but still stands beside him whenever he needs her. Her first instinct, when he is killed, is that they must stop Erik from inflicting great damage on their own people and on the people of the world, by going to T’Challa’s rival and offering him the flower heart that would give him amplified strength and speed. She works as a spy to help imprisoned people flee the chains of their captors, and sees these risk-taking endeavors as her “mission” in life. When she learns of T’Challa’s father’s death, the first thing she does is tell his mother and sister how sorry she is for their loss. She believes it is her calling to help those who suffer, and she cannot turn a blind eye toward them. She believes they should abandon their previous government policy of isolation, because they are “strong enough to help others and protect ourselves at the same time.” Nakia is sometimes reckless in what she does for the protection of others (she admits that she has “created a mess” in town by confronting ivory traitors). When T’Challa doubts himself, she tells him that no one is perfect, but all that matters is what kind of king he should decide he wants to be. She has a vision for their country and T’Challa’s reign, which he finds difficult to accept; she wants to see everything change, and trusts her gut hunch when it comes to apprehension about how things will turn out. Nakia feels confident in her own skin and is both watchful over her environment and eager to interact with it; she can react quickly, and is a skilled fighter, but sometimes over-estimates her own abilities and falls into danger. She is quick to leap into action and not always aware of the risks she is taking (going undercover among captured people, leaping into fighting in the casino, etc). She does not spend much time questioning her own conclusions or analyzing her own motives.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Nakia is fiercely independent and opinionated, and believes it is her duty to intervene for the weak, the defenseless, and those in need of her assistance. She pushes T’Challa constantly to become a better man, to forge his own path, to step away from outdated values that help no one but their own, and to look at the suffering of the wider world. Nakia tells him that he gets to decide what kind of king he should become, and is insistent on her need to save her country from a madman. She is rational enough to know that she cannot eat the purple heart and attain powers, because she has “no army.” Nakia also has a strong 2 wing in how aggressively she helps anyone who crosses her path; she puts her own life at risk to intervene for them and rather fearlessly gets in people’s faces whom she disagrees with, when it comes to humanitarian concerns.