Okoye has risen to the position of a general ahead of other women in her ranks, because she is willing to put aside all emotions to do what is best for the country. She proves to be pragmatic and rational in all things; when her boyfriend asks her if she would kill him to protect the kingdom, she does not hesitate to say yes – and later almost has to make good on that, when they confront each other in mortal combat. She is against saving Everett’s life and bringing him back to their country, because up until now they have kept secret their advanced technology. She knows that “as a foreign operative,” he could expose them. When Erik defeats T’Challa in rightful combat and takes over the throne, she refuses to abdicate her position or abandon her post, claiming that she must serve the bloodline that sits on the throne, regardless of how she feels about him. She warns T’Challa not to let his emotions overcome him and “freeze up” when he sees his ex (like he always does), then makes fun of him when he does just that. Okoye is very traditional, respectful of the ways of their people, and does not want to change that even when it goes against her immediate emotional reaction. She is practical and hands on, confident in her trained fighting techniques, but also has a softer, more playful side; she loves to tease her king and interact with humor with his sister, but spends little time searching for motives beyond what is obvious. She warns T’Challa to consider the consequences of his actions, and make no rash judgments. Her feelings lag behind her; it’s only when Erik violates her beliefs that she turns against him and obeys her desire to be loyal to T’Challa.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Okoye puts her duty above all else, including her sentimental side; she has sworn to protect the throne and will do so, no matter who sits on it, because it is the right thing to do. She won’t allow sentiment to get in the way of her decisions, but also respects T’Challa for the choices he makes that are moral and just. She has no mercy against those who disrespect her king (“If he touches you again, I’ll impale him to the desk”), but also conducts herself appropriately at all times, showing the proper respect to the authorities, the traditions of their people, and to her position. She operates out of anger and pure instincts, but also can remain detached, and unaffected by outside forces. Okoye sees no reason to get upset most of the time, and maintains a state of calm, though she does like to tease people from time to time.