Remy has a highly developed sense of taste and smell, and has been experimenting from food from a young age; he alone slows down enough to savor each bite, to make a big deal out of every flavorful experience, and then to combine foods. He has such a knack for this, he’s an excellent cook without even needing any experience with it, other than the few recipes he has looked at. He goes off his instincts when choosing herbs, dishes, and foods. He also figures out easily how to control Linguini by pulling on his hair, and demands that he blindfold himself so the rat can figure out how to ‘work’ his arms while sitting on the top of his head. He is somewhat reckless at times; he refuses to leave the house while being shot at without grabbing the cookbook, then goes off into Paris once he loses his family and makes an entirely new life for himself; he fixes the soup that Linguini ruins, and improvises elsewhere in the kitchen… but is also reckless in how he decides to punish Linguini for their falling out in how he allows his family to steal food from the kitchens (exposing them all to Linguini when the young man unexpectedly comes back to talk to him). Remy is all about tastes and sensations, but not always about appreciating others’ feelings – he is rather harsh to his cousin and his father, arguing with him about the semantics of what they are doing (his father insists it is not stealing, Remy insists that it is; then he goes on to steal, repeatedly, from neighbors, the kitchen, etc). He gets so focused on his task that he ignores how he is causing Linguini to come across to others, embarrassing him in the process. He bites him raw during their first cooking stint, then doesn’t really care about his feelings when controlling him in the kitchen by yanking his hair. Remy wants praise for his work, and to become successful, but also feels a sense of obligation to his family; he doesn’t want to be with them, and cater to their needs, but does include them in his attempts to run a successful restaurant, and employs them to do all the cooking in a crisis. He manages to help Linguini become more of a success, for himself, and to build a relationship with Collette, but is also awkward emotionally. Remy has very little forward thinking; he is often reactive, and doesn’t ponder his future beyond his desire to become a chef, in his genuine belief that ‘anyone can cook’ (even a rat).

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Remy is all about wanting to savor each moment of every day, live life to the fullest, and have the finest of everything – he is not content to stay at home where it’s safe, is easily bored when his father employs him as a food-snifter, and once he realizes he is in Paris, he eagerly throws himself into the midst of it. Remy wants it all – success, to be a cook, and to eat all the finest things the world can offer. He is also a bit self-centered, driven, and has a short fuse. When Linguini crosses him, Remy wants revenge. They squabble all the time about Remy violating Linguini’s sense of self (he sees no moral issues with controlling Linguini even when he’s asleep, and using his body to cook with). He also does whatever he wants to do, whether or not it is safe, and in the process, gets his entire family thrown out of their home (oops).