Nick is down to earth and attentive to the physical needs of those around him; he works as a handyman doing all sorts of odd jobs, and says he learned about most of them by watching YouTube videos and on HGTV. He uses his own personal experiences as part of his children’s books, turning his rescue of his dog from the pound into a best-selling children’s book, then having no more ideas about a sequel until the kids tell him he ought to write about what his doing is doing right now, when he’s on Christmas vacation. He finds the family’s traditions quirky and irrational, but enjoys being part of them, is highly personable, and easily makes everyone like him. Nick puts his own feelings aside to keep others happy; though he’s developing feelings for Peter, he encourages him to go on a blind date, listens to all his romantic woes and constantly affirms him, and expresses his feelings first – but only once he believes Peter feels the same way. Nick is cautious of everyone’s feelings and doesn’t want to ruin Peter’s mother’s Christmas spirit by informing her that her daughter would rather have cash than another stupid sign He loves to tinker with and fix things, including plumbing issues; he’s a talented carpenter who improves the Christmas play. Nick is open with his thoughts and feelings and somewhat sentimental; Peter tells him he knows how important Christmas was to his childhood, and he doesn’t want him to spend it alone, mourning his mom and feeling sad. Nick has grown so comfortable being friends with Peter, he doesn’t even think about them being involved with each other until Peter announces that he might be moving away and changing his entire lifestyle.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

“I like helping people, it makes me feel good.” Nick chose his job because it lets him do nice things for people. He is forever volunteering to do stuff for Peter and his family, from tagging along with Peter because Peter wants him to pretend to be his boyfriend, to saying he’ll go buy wine for the household when they run out, to doing all the Christmas lights for the family, to helping Peter smuggle in a new Christmas tree (the “real thing”), to helping out with the nativity and improving it, to tolerating the girls’ matchmaking efforts. He just helps wherever he can, is doing so because it makes him feel good because it pleases other people. He cares about his five star rating as well. And he is concerned with doing what is right, doesn’t feel comfortable lying about his relationship status.