Peter could not wait to get out of New Hampshire and move to LA, where he could live the high life, doing a job… it turns out, he doesn’t really love, but that allows him to participate in the “night life” he so wanted. He admits that as soon as he got there, he joined a gym to meet people. As a social media influencer who connects advertisers to models and ad campaigns, he actively promotes himself and his products online, oversees photo shoots, and does things at the last minute. He convinces his best friend to buy a plane ticket and fly out with him to meet his family, on the pretense of them dating. Peter does a full day of work, then wants to socialize at a party—or return home and hang out with his family. When an ad campaign gets rejected at the last minute, he uses the people around him to create a new one. But he also admits he has a bad problem of misjudging people, picking the wrong person, and not being in a solid relationship for more than two months at a time. He gets so caught up in the moment, he’s not always aware of how he is coming across, or the people around him. Peter cares a lot about what his family thinks and wanting to please them (by pretending to be dating someone he isn’t), but also tends to be oblivious to his true feelings. He goes on and on about Nick while on a date with another guy, not realizing that he’s talking incessantly about the person who means the most to him. It takes him a long time to realize his own feelings for Nick, after denying them for forever, and then he’s afraid that he will lose Nick as “my best friend” by becoming romantically involved with him. Peter wants obvious solutions to his problems, and doesn’t question himself or his own motivations, so much as he over thinks the ramifications of everything, and assumes it might go wrong. Peter has a vague idea of what he wants for his future (to raise plants and have a nursery for them in his hometown), but he doesn’t realize what he truly wants until he’s in his home environment; being there, being present, makes him acknowledge his dream needs to become a reality, here and now.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Peter is anxious much of the time, about keeping his family happy, or not being seen as a loser or someone who can’t keep a relationship going. He doesn’t want to go on a blind date at first, but then goes along with it to keep his mother happy. He’s willing to lie about Nick being “just a friend” to keep others happy, and works through the holiday because his boss tells him to. He is a blend of comedic timing and reactive emotions, as he anticipates the negative fallout of his actions. He assumes his track record of choosing unavailable men will mean he can’t find someone who is perfect for him. He also doesn’t want to go after Nick, out of a fear that their romantic attachment might “ruin our friendship” (rather than seeing it as a bonus). His 7 wing loves to have a good time,, makes light of intense situations, and is somewhat bold in asserting his own needs. Peter runs out and brings home a real Christmas tree to replace his mother’s artificial white one, because it doesn’t seem real enough to him, regardless of how she might feel about it.