Pierre is a prince in his own right, a cousin to the king, who has been given a principality to rule over and defend… and all he really wants to do is carouse, host parties, and entice his friends into sexual deviancy, since it’s better to do it with others than alone. He tends to react to things on a dismissive level, such as when Le Gris says they are being sued because the pair of them stole land out from under Jean, Pierre simply says that does not matter, Jean will have no power; he will hand the garrison over to Le Gris instead, and strip their rival of his authority. He does not deal with Jean wisely, in that he often dismisses or mocks him to his face, not realizing the emotional impact this will have on their dynamic. He is not a healthy man, in that his womanizing and selfish behaviors cause pain to those around him; in a sense, he becomes partly responsible for Le Gris’ reprehensible behavior, by encouraging him to take part in sexual games and behaviors in which they use women however they please. He has very little humanity or compassion, since at the last duel, he says hopefully this will end in a short time, with Le Gris ripping out Jean’s testicles with his bare hands. He takes very little about his position seriously, and prefers to let Le Gris handle all of the dull things like keeping his life in order, collecting taxes, negotiating with locals, and running the kingdom, so that he can drink and have a good time. He thinks through the consequences of none of his actions, but feels more himself when he has others in the room in agreement with him, as co-conspirators in his schemes and morally questionable lifestyle. In one scene, he isn’t content to let Le Gris do his work, but interrupts him just to aggravate him, and then intentionally destroys some of his work, so he has to start over again.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Pierre just wants to enjoy himself, in whatever way he pleases—whether that is to watch his knights insult each other, to read a book of saucy poetry in Latin to his friends, to have four naked women in his bed at once, or to invite Le Gris into one of his orgies. He takes nothing seriously and assumes everything will go his way; when Le Gris is concerned about the affect something will have on his reputation, Pierre dismisses it and tells him to take off his pants and come enjoy the girls. He stays up late partying, drinking, and having sex with prostitutes, but can also be a mean man when roused; he sees nothing wrong with punishing those whom he dislikes, banning them from his court, and wishing the worst on them, when it comes to open combat.