Josh is an inventor, who came up with his own line of candles based on masculine scents – to, as he puts it, cover up the smell of a bong in someone’s house, but he feels insecure about putting himself forward and selling them in his father’s store, out of a fear of his father’s rejection of his ideas. He decides to perform an experiment, and use a local friend’s photo on his profile, to see if that gets him better success with women – and he goes from having no one interested in him, to having almost a hundred women contact him. He makes friends with Natalie and wins her over, never thinking about what might happen next, the fact that she will expect to meet him, or that she might turn up on his doorstep. He is incredibly impulsive and reactive – for the good (he reasons that she needs a shot to keep her from dying after she has an allergy attack, so he takes her to the vet’s office since “the hospital is thirty minutes away”) and for the … uh… well, let’s just say he proposes to steal the limelight from his brother, never thinking that his family might spread it all over town, and jeopardize Natalie’s attempts to get to know a guy. He makes up lies on the spot, such as saying she’s his cousin, and offering to help her win over another guy, if she’ll pretend to be his girlfriend for a week. He does mostly sensory things in his spare time, such as rock climbing, exploring different scents for his candles, outdoorsy stuff, and posing for photos with props (“women like manly men, so this one shows I can fix things”). Josh isn’t aware of emotional repercussions, and never thinks that Natalie might get upset with him when she finds out she’s been had; he doesn’t know how to react when she gets upset with him, other than to offer to help her, to make up for his mistake. He also wants his family’s approval and attention, but isn’t sure of how to get it.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Josh has a problem of… not taking up space, being too shy to put himself forward, and hating conflict. He has spent years ignoring how angry he is about how his brother steals the limelight from him constantly, puts him down every time they meet by making nasty remarks about his looks, his talents, and how he lives at home – and he has done nothing about it, refused to stand up for himself, and tolerated far more than he ought. Natalie treats him rather badly when she finds out the truth, but he still tries to find her, to make sure she’s okay, then helps her out. He forgives her after she insults him in front of everyone, by telling them that he cat-fished her, and still dates her. He hastens to make sure she’s okay when she collapses, and talks her down off a wall climb. His 1 wing also starts to kick in, as he feels bad about misleading her, about the lies she seems to be telling, and is especially upset at the idea that she might violate her ethical beliefs and eat meat just to keep some guy happy – it’s a lie, and he’s sick of them!