Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Natalie is preoccupied with her feelings, and not in a healthy way – she abruptly decides on a whim to show up and surprise a guy for Christmas that she has never met in person, out of the assumption that their connection means he will be pleased to see her. She never wonders if he might have other people around for Christmas, if turning up on his doorstep will be inappropriate, or put him in a sticky situation with his family or friends. When she finds out he lied to her, and used someone else’s photo, she storms out, leaving him to awkwardly explain the mishap to his parents (he doesn’t). Later, she struggles mightily between being authentic to her true opinions (she hates this poet, she can’t stand bobsledding, and she’s a vegetarian who hates hunters) and pretending not to hold those views, because she thinks it might get her the “love of my life.” Natalie is somewhat hypocritical, in that she’s mad at Josh for cat-fishing her, when she’s essentially doing the same thing to this other guy, by pretending to be someone she isn’t just to attract him. She even admits that she might try eating meat, if that will work – and then is shocked when Josh accuses her of being inauthentic. Natalie feels the best about herself when she comes clean about all the lies and deceit… but she does it in front of a group of people who think she’s engaged to Josh. She outs him for having used a fake photo and then leaves him to deal with the aftermath. When she does come around to realizing how much she likes him, she would rather act out a scene from his favorite movie (even if she hates it) than openly apologize or share her feelings. Natalie isn’t completely selfish, though; she does go out of her way to pretend to be his girlfriend, and stands up for him in front of his brother, though it’s hard for her to fake something like an engagement. She’s also impulsive and spontaneous – flying halfway across the country to show up unannounced on his doorstep as a surprise, then leaving his house with nowhere to go and winding up in a bar, where she assumes she can ‘sexy dance’ her way into a man’s heart. Though she’s terrified of heights, she still goes rock climbing and bobsledding (with the help of a joint), even though she admits she hated it. She’s more of an indoor girl, who cares about looking good. But the more she’s around Josh and his family, the more she gets into it. Natalie is a little suspicious of Josh at first, but his photo-shopping skills convince her that he’s telling the truth about how he looks, so she takes him at face value from then onward. She is also fixated on winning over the guy she saw in a photo – focusing on his superficial appearance, rather than the nonexistent connection between them. It’s all she thinks about, and she doesn’t consider any alternatives until she loses him, and that makes her reconsider Josh. Natalie can be blunt and accusatory under stress, telling off Josh, ordering him to sleep on the floor (despite his back issues), and exposing her entire story in her latest article.

Enneagram: 2w1 sx/so

Natalie just wants love. She is on a man-hunt for her “soul-mate, the second half of myself.” When she wants to attract a man’s attention, she performs a sexy Christmas dance for him, then runs out humiliated to discover her face has swollen up due to her kiwi allergy. She tries to be whatever guys want from her, going so far as being willing to sacrifice her own values to attract and hang onto them, because she is so sick of being single (she would consider eating meat, as a vegetarian; she sits in a restaurant with deer’s heads on the walls, and tries to pretend it doesn’t bother her; she wants this guy bad enough to go along with all his interests, hobbies, and habits, and pretend as if she is totally into it). She also gets angry and critical of others easily; she berates Josh for cat-fishing her, and doesn’t like his brother because he’s such an unapologetic attention-whore, so she evens the odds by taking attention away from him, and telling Josh to stand up for himself. She goes along with a fake engagement, but also feels bad about it, because she doesn’t want to deceive his parents, or lie to them any more than necessary. She eventually only feels “okay” with herself once she has unburdened herself and told everyone the truth. Natalie can also be pretty tactless when she’s mad; telling people off, and making Josh sleep on the floor despite his back problems, because he “owes” her one.