Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Judy is a proactive, opportunistic, and ambitious young woman. When she finds out two famous people will be in the area the night of their new show, she sends them a letter (using her brother’s name) asking them to come check them out, as a personal favor, in the hopes that they might get recruited as part of Bob and Phil’s show. Judy immediately leaps on the idea of sneaking out a window and heading for Vermont early, rather than deal with a hotel manager accusing them of having burned the carpet in their room (they didn’t); she doesn’t mind that it could get them. She is an accomplished dancer and singer, immediately learning routines within only the few days they have to practice. She is quite blunt in assessing situations and nudging them in the direction she wants them to go; seeing that Bob is making eyes at her sister, she suggests that maybe he has some suggestions to improve their act, causing him to state that there’s nothing about her sister he would change. She pushes her sister to become closer to Bob, interfering where she can, but also to benefit them. Judy says they ought to fake an engagement, since her sister feels like she must take care of Judy; Judy believes pretending to get married will free her sister to follow her own heart, but it backfires terribly – instead of moving toward Bob, her sister congratulates her and then gets on a train and leaves! Judy did not think about the consequence of her falsehood, even though it all works out in the end. She’s also quite eager to partake of the kissing involved in their “fake” engagement, and convinces Phil to do it by plying him with attractive glances and puppy eyes.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Judy is nothing if not a performer. She is all about her art, eager to move up in the world, and a little bit unscrupulous in the corners she is willing to cut to make it happen. She doesn’t mind telling falsehoods to mislead people for a ‘good cause’ (she’s thinking of their careers, their potential to become famous, and then of her sister’s happiness), or pretending to go along with things that don’t interest her otherwise to bring others’ together. She is confident, hard-working, and talented, aware of her affect on people and self-assured in assuming that of course, Phil would love to pretend to be engaged to her; why not? She’s gorgeous and has a lot to offer him! Her own heart gets entangled in it, after a while, but she ignores it in favor of structuring situations to make her sister happy.