Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Luther is a top notch businessman who decides not to mope around after his daughter leaves and comes up with a plan to put some spice in their lives, a Christmas vacation. He arranges it all, and then has to think fast when it’s off; so he takes logical steps to ensure his daughter has the best Christmas ever (and when he decides to give the vacation away, he “takes care of everything”). He can be blunt at times (“You mean you’re engaged to the guy you’ve known for two weeks that you went down there to shack up with?”). For the most part, up until now he’s been content to do the same things every Christmas… put Frosty on the roof, decorate the house, attend the Christmas party, etc. And deep down, despite his desire for a vacation, he really does like his life predictable and have strong ties to family, tradition, and security. Big plans. Big ideas. Luther becomes obsessed with all the great possibilities of getting away for just one year and doing something new… but when that falls through, he starts looking at other, sometimes needless and naive, options and ways to solve his problem (sold out of good trees? Buy a crappy one… all the needles fall off? Pay the neighbor to borrow his tree… recruit the kid across the street to help steal it…). He really has no empathy for Nora’s insecurities, and no problems turning down neighbors and friends’ emotional appeals (and threats) to do what he wants. Later on, though, we see that he really does genuinely care about people; he’s just awkward in talking about it – but he gives away his marvelous vacation to his neighbors, one of whom is fighting off cancer, even though, in truth, he doesn’t like her husband that much.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Luther can be forceful when he wants to do something, and unlike his wife, has no problem letting everyone in the neighborhood hate him; he takes some pleasure in thwarting them and taunting them when they get angry about their lack of Christmas cheer. He has an ongoing sort-of feud with the neighbors, and most of them like his wife, and not him; they don’t like how ‘obnoxious’ he can be. Luther has a hard time admitting to his feelings or being vulnerable; the kindest thing he does is send someone on the cruise they were going to take, so it doesn’t go to waste, but it’s hard for him to admit that he’s doing something nice. His 7 wing immediately starts seeking distractions after his daughter leaves, to avoid coping with the sadness of not having her at home. He comes up with crazy ideas, including getting Botox on his face, buying a speedo, going on a cruise, and dumping anything that reminds him of the pain of not having her there for the holidays.