Nora has a hard time “giving up Christmas” because it makes everyone in the neighborhood angry at them for not participating in local Christmas fundraisers and neighborhood events. She would cave and purchase calendars and trees just to keep the kids and policemen happy. She hides out in her house and pulls the curtains to avoid talking to her annoyed neighbors. Every year, she throws the best Christmas party on the block… and she is happy doing it. The thought of not toting out her usual ornaments, decorating the house, having people over, etc., troubles her – and once her daughter phones that she’s coming home, Nora abandons their plans for the cruise with delight and launches into her usual Christmas preparations… just, faster this time. And it wouldn’t be Christmas without the honey smoked ham, would it? She opens herself up to new possibilities fairly quickly and doesn’t mind trying out new things (the idea of a vacation away from home, for example). She isn’t at all bothered that her daughter is engaged to someone she just met; and has nothing but high hopes for their future together. Analyzing her reactions and calming down is not her strong point; but she has a fairly good understanding of her husband, enough to call him out on his nonsense when he needs it.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Nora is all about keeping other people happy and going along with them, even when she doesn’t especially agree with them – she compromises and agrees to cancel Christmas with her husband, but has a hard time not purchasing wreaths, donating to causes, dealing with carolers, and tending to the local traditions because it makes other people joyous. She comes alive when her daughter comes home, because she has a reason to throw a party and prepare and invite everyone over for a proper Christmas. But she can also move to 8 when she gets angry, such as when she forcefully takes the last canned ham away from someone rather than let them have it, because “I NEED IT for my daughter!” Nora doesn’t like to think of herself as a bad person, and avoids people rather than deal with their anger at her for not contributing to the local traditions this year.