Steve is highly efficient, practical, and has made the North Pole into a well-oiled machine. He believes in functionality first, and the kids are almost an afterthought to him. He thinks that delivering a billion presents means that one of them isn’t that important, not thinking about how that one child may interpret their lack of a gift, due to his own lack of emotional attachment to the children. He cares about doing a good job, being useful, and feeling proud of his outstanding results, and devotes most of his time to that task. When Arthur wants to deliver the last gift, Steve shoots down the idea as impractical and an unnecessary use of their expensive equipment. He handles the details of the job well, attending to many different departments, managing all the elves, and keeping everything functioning perfectly. When his father gets stuck in a wakeful child’s room, Steve directs the elf on what to do to get him out without being seen. He isn’t that interested in crazy ideas, but he has found ways to improve and upgrade. Steve feels a tiny bit of scorn for the ‘old’ way of doing things, and sees the sleigh as outdated, compared to his shiny new toys.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Steve cannot wait to take over the business from his father, and in fact, planned his own celebration party for his dad’s announcement of his retirement—he is annoyed when it doesn’t happen, because he has total confidence that he can run everything smoothly without any mishaps. He treats the missing gift as an embarrassment, something he tries to downplay, and then to atone for, in his insistence at the last minute that he should not only visit the child and deliver a bike, but offer them an “upgrade” (better model) as compensation for their loss. His ego is sometimes at war with his father, down to simple things like who gets to play the “Santa” piece on a board game at their family dinner. He can get caught up in the appearance of things, and neglect the heart of it, but finds out later on that he really does enjoy helping out the kids and bringing joy to their lives, once he gets out of headquarters and sees the joy that a new gift brings a child.