The assassin’s guild leader is shocked that he spends time pondering the questions of the universe (“Can Death die?”). Teatime is a philosopher and curious about how things work, and why; he questions people, he pushes their buttons, he decides if they are logical or not. He’s more interested in the logic and creativity behind something than the moral implications of it; everything is to be analyzed, taken apart, explored to the fullest. Teatime is… an unconventional assassin, to say the least; he spends his time not only thinking about how to off mythological beings, but to do so in a supremely creative and unusual way, that completely eradicates them from existence (taking control of teeth, in order to control the minds of children and make them collectively lose faith in supernatural beings); he’s not only thought about how to get rid of the Hogfather, but also the Soul Cake Duck and Death, too. Though he makes plans, he deviates from them in pursuit of exciting new possibilities (Susan and the sword, taking on Death, messing with the Tooth Fairy). The thought of destroying an entire deity doesn’t ruffle his feathers much; it’s too sentimental, and who cares about the details of the fabric of the universe or protecting tradition? Teatime does, however, muse a bit on his past, as well as compare the people he knows to other sensory elements in the environment (“You look like…”). He is detached from his own emotions, and strangely inquisitive about them (“I don’t have any friends… or any enemies”); but he’s also good at reading other people and knowing how to manipulate them, or appeal to their feelings. Teatime is curious about how others perceive him (he asks if nailing a dog to the ceiling was the wrong thing to do, when it seemed logical at the time) but not enough to change his behavior. He likes to push people’s buttons by insulting them.

Enneagram: 5w4 so/sx

Teatime has a lot of wild, unconventional ideas and doesn’t care who has no interest in them. He also display severe detachment issues, in how he ‘nailed a dog’ to the ceiling during his last stint as an assassin, something for which the Guild Leader chastises him. He approaches everything with an analytical, detached perspective, questioning it and being interested or amused by it, rather than genuinely emotionally investing in it. He is more interested to see what could happen as a result of his tinkering than of the consequences, and is delighted to use his peculiar talents to unravel the mysteries around the Hogfather. He is off-putting and something of a social reject, whose presence makes others deeply uncomfortable. He has no real interest in becoming involved with anyone, and is unbothered by his lack of friends, seeing himself as special, unique, and creative rather than envying what he does not possess.