Susan is one of the most sensible characters in the story, always keeping her head and focusing on what is in front of her (which includes the spectral world). She simply wants “a normal life,” but keeps getting pulled back into her old one; she tries to abandon her lifestyle as Death’s granddaughter and embrace a new one as a governess, only to abandon it temporarily to put things right once Death interrupts her usual routine. She relates back to her own experiences now and again, and things she has seen (“This looks like a child’s drawing… Twyla draws like this…” “She thought you would find the misspellings cute”). She takes the most rational solution to every problem (including throwing the poker through Death at a crucial moment); she is annoyed when decisions do not make logical sense, and is driven to make them right. She has a strong moral center that drives her to change Jack and the Beanstalk to reflect her own belief system (condemning Jack as a terrorist and murderer, and leaving the giant’s children without a daddy anymore). Though intensely compassionate, Susan never really talks about her feelings to other people. She objects to Death playacting as something he isn’t (the Hogfather), because it’s inauthentic and “inappropriate,” until she realizes it’s for a greater purpose (to save the Hogfather).When figuring out connections, Susan reasons aloud and makes broad connections; she does not immediately sense what Death is up to or his reasons for doing so; not understanding makes her curious. It takes her some time to put all the pieces together and realize what is happening; she takes her grandfather at face value (“the sun will not come up”) at first, and then is interested in discovering his broader implications (“people need to believe small lies, so they can believe larger ones”).

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

No-nonsense and authoritative, Susan has no problem keeping the kids in line, threatening boogiemen and kicking them out of the house, using blunt reasoning to back up her assertions, and telling the Raven to get lost. She ‘scares’ the things that go bump in the night, by taking a poker after them and threatening them with more violence unless they disappear. When the children misbehave, she sighs loudly and sometimes uses her VOICE on them to get them to do what she told them to do. She isn’t afraid of Mr. Teatime, unlike everyone else, and confronts him boldly, forcing him to stop what he’s doing in the Fairy Tale Realm. Susan is calm throughout all situations, handling them without any emotional upsets, even when things have made her angry. In the books, she even has intimidated her teachers and simply refuses to do anything she doesn’t want to do, leaving them perplexed as how to punish her.