Kate is completely unrealistic about her own talents most of the time, including insisting that she is just going to “wing it” wherever she goes (she has never ice skated before, but will just show up and wow them, she says…). She draws weird parallels between things, coming up with colorful metaphors that she admits are somewhat disturbing, though she didn’t intend for them to be that way. She is forever thinking about doing something new and interesting, and has a lot of ideas about prospective careers (mostly in show business). Kate is also moody, and somewhat self-centered; she ignores the rules set up by her friends, and brings a one-night stand into their home despite being told to behave herself. She is trying to avoid her deeper feelings about her operation through distractions, but also is wallowing in her feelings—she doesn’t want to talk to her mom, never thinking about how that might be painful for her mother, to not know where she is. Kate starts to grow and mature when she learns to focus on other people and their needs, by volunteering at the old folk’s home, auditioning homeless people for a musical, by encouraging her boss to date and asking more questions about her, and going out of her way to spend time with her mom. Kate isn’t very rational in her decisions, constantly over-estimating her ability to talk her way out of everything, but also can be incredibly blunt. She rather rudely tells one guy to go away, that he’s a “creep” and this is “weird” (that he wants to go out with her). She also has very little sentiment, and has to force herself to care about her heritage or feel proud of it or want to connect to it. She neglects details at work (though she’s a charismatic sales girl) and leaves the door open and unlocked while rushing to an audition, so they wind up getting robbed. She can be clumsy and forgetful, tripping over things, running into trash bags, and falling on the ice.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Kate is running away from admitting to her feelings about having had a heart transplant. Rather than sit down and deal with her feelings of emptiness and how she is alive because someone else is dead, she has been willfully avoiding it through preoccupations, manic obsessions, binge-drinking, bedding total strangers, and trying to maintain an optimistic, care-free attitude of disassociating from her disappointment and pain (including her culture, which she denies by having changed her name). She is avoiding answering her mother’s phone calls, because she doesn’t want to deal with her over-protective nature, or admit to the mistakes she has made along the way. She only returns home after prolonged protests, and being kicked out of everywhere else; she has no choice but to go back to her old room and home. She is over-enthusiastic about her talents and skills, but crushed by rejection, and somewhat insecure. When others get upset with her, she shrinks rather than gets angry with them. Kate only matures when she moves up her line to 1, becoming more responsible, taking responsibility for her mistakes, stops running away from her problems, and learns to look after other people, rather than be self-absorbed.