Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Clotilde says she never passes up an indulgence and she intends to taste all the things the world has to offer. She is highly outgoing and even impulsive in how she acts on her feelings; she has not known Georges more than a short time before she accepts his invitation to a sexual affair, then doesn’t like his hovel and insists on paying for them to have a little love nest, with her only condition being he brings no one else to it (a promise he does not keep later). Unlike Georges, she is more of a healthy Fi user, in that she doesn’t want to hurt her husband, because he is a good man – but that doesn’t stop her from having an affair behind his back. She acts on her feelings and falls in love with Georges, but he does not return her affections, leaving her hurt when he announces his intention to marry other people, to climb higher in society. She flounces out on him when she realizes he has paid for the attentions of a prostitute, and ends their relationship for a time, but sparks it back up later on, only to get hurt again through his callous behavior (he takes a girl away from her parents, spends the night with her in a hotel, even though it’s separate rooms, and thus ensures her parents will force them to marry so he can get his hands on her inheritance). Clotilde doesn’t disagree with his logic (it gets him what he wants) but does feel hurt about it. She is a generous and charming woman, but shuts him out whenever she’s displeased with him. She doesn’t think at all about the future, other than to warn him she won’t tolerate him bringing other women to their love nest.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Clotilde is a warm and outreaching woman, who happens to fall in love with Georges, where she assumed she was just going to have a little fun. She gifts him a “love nest” as much for her own happiness and pleasure as his, since she wants to make love in a beautiful room surrounded by little luxuries. She takes care not to humiliate or hurt her husband in the process, but feels she has a right to partake of all life has to offer – so she does. She tries not to let things affect her, and remains cheerful at all times. Georges breaks her heart several times, but she pretends nothing is wrong, says he is perfectly sensible to keep up appearances, and acts as if nothing is wrong. But she can be jealous and possessive, flouncing out of his life when she realizes he has paid for female companionship and not letting him back in for months. Clotilde is aware of appearances at all times, and maintains her composure most of the time. She tries to brush aside her feelings with rationalizations that of course, Georges is smart to do the “seen” thing and get married, even if it means she must now share him, but she actually hates it.