Virginie leads a rather quiet life compared to Georges’ other lovers, as the wealthy wife of a newspaper man. She spends most of her time with her friends and is cautious of Georges at first. Though she finds him charming, she is a little put off by his bold pursuit of her, his turning up at one of her afternoon teas with a bunch of fruit, and focusing all of his attention on her. All too quickly, she is taken with him and caught up in an affair, though she confesses that she has never cheated on her husband with anyone before. The more she is around him, the more often she wants to see him, since he makes her feel alive. Virginie is too naïve to realize she is being played and used, that Georges has regained his position at the newspaper through her, and is only wielding her as a weapon against her husband and to gain social standing. She falls in love with him and pours out her heart to him, eagerly following him around town and trying to arrange opportunities for him to make money, even purchasing stock for him when she finds out what her husband knows about what might happen in the next few months, and asking him if he is proud of her, for having done this for him. Instead of the gratitude and love she expects to receive, Georges turns on her—losing his temper, humiliating her, throwing her out of his life, and spurning her because she did not tell him sooner what her husband had planned (thus making a fool out of Georges, in his opinion). She is crushed, but also hysterical when she finds out he has run off with her daughter. She doesn’t want to let them marry, refusing to have “that man” in the family, though she cannot tell her husband her reasoning. Virginie learns the hard way she cannot trust Georges, but only after he has ruined her life by taking what she cares about and leaving her with nothing but bruised feelings.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Virginie is a warm and loving woman, who goes all out for the men in her life – she attends soirees and tries to help her husband maintain his social standing, and she tries to look out for Georges once he comes into her life. At first, she is innocently helpful toward him, introducing him to people who might be useful to him, and then, as a lover, she feels an almost constant need to be close to him. It’s never enough; when can they next meet? She feels alive in his arms, and crushed when he spurns her, berates her, and turns her out of his apartment. Virginie thought she was doing him a nice favor by purchasing stock to make him money; she never dreamed he would see her as keeping secrets from her, plotting to humiliate him, or not allowing him in on the secret so he could exploit it to his full advantage. She just wanted to help him! Virginie tries to be proper, and feels shame for the things she does wrong, but cannot help following her heart.