Luv is methodical in how she collects information, with the express purpose of destroying it, all out of an intense devotion to her master, the creator of the robots to whom we assume she thinks she owes her sentience. (Her motivations are unclear.) She does things systematically in a desire to protect the way things ‘are’ and have always ‘been’ in her world – a world in which robots are slaves, and serve mankind, but have been reprogrammed to have less of a mind of their own, and to stay close to their preconditioning. To cover up the birth of a special child, an impossible creation that has upset her master, since he cannot figure out how to help them procreate, she breaks into the government’s holding facility to steal the bones, kills the only witness to her crime, goes on to interrogate and then kill the general who is protecting K/Jo from her pursuit, and then chases him with the express intent to kill him, if she finds out he has been protecting this child. She is a loyal servant to the very end, before Jo kills her after attacking their ship. Luv does show occasional flashes of her own deeper emotions, such as her identification with the newborn who is gutted and left to die by her master, her own apparent misery at thinking about coming alone into the world, and in her anger toward her situation. But she shows no real thinking outside of the box, no belief that anything can change, and has no desire to be part of a revolution that could forever alter the world.

Enneagram: cp6w5 so/sp

Even though she could turn on her insane madman of a creator, Luv is unquestioningly loyal to him – to a fault. She will kill for him, she stands by and allows him to hurt a newborn robot even though it obviously distresses her to watch a fellow creation suffer, and she does all in her power to protect him and his cause, without questioning why she is doing any of it. She turns to aggression under pressure, and even slips into 3 mode in how assertive, confident, and proactively she takes control over situations; even in her assertion before her death that she is the ‘best’ of her kind. She can be detached, and callous, owing to her unhealthy 5 wing – she maims someone and leaves him gasping and choking on his own blood while she calmly resumes stealing bones and tucking them into her satchel.