Wallace spends most of his time in total isolation and in a slavish obedience to his ‘grand vision for humanity’; he took a dead idea, that of robots serving humanity that had been dismantled, and breathed new life into it by altering their programming to avoid giving them sentient decisions or allowing them to rebel, so that he could advance society through slavery. Much of what he says is convoluted, metaphorical, and hard for others to comprehend or understand; his motivations are unclear, in how he brings a newborn to life, only to kill her while talking about his inability to create life in the human way, through reproduction. But he is willing to sacrifice anyone and everyone to bring about this vision of how he wants things to be and fulfill his ultimate plans for humanity, enriching himself and expanding their human potential in the process. He is deeply unhealthy, in that he feels no compassion for anyone or anything, and can cut up one of his new robots, who clearly feels pain and terror, just to make a point. He rather callously wants to destroy anything in his path, regardless of whether it is human or not, and allows his cohort free rein to kill. He has a fierce desire to make things come about, but shows almost no physical initiative – other than cutting into a woman’s stomach. He stays at home all of the time, secluded in his surreal, quiet surroundings, and exerts almost no physical energy to do anything himself.

Enneagram: 5w4 so/sp

Wallace is a total isolationist, living in a crafted reality; though he has changed the world, he has no desire to go out and be a part of it, and lives vicariously through his robotics. He has put things into the world to serve everyone’s needs, but takes part in none of them himself. He has a grand, surrealistic vision for what he wants, which is not always practical, but has his total devotion. And he is so emotionally detached and impartial, he can hurt others without it bothering him. He sees himself as special, as someone important, as being different from those around him, and makes no efforts to communicate with them, get to know them, or discover what makes humans real, through their emotions.