Joi is warm, loving, generous, and upfront about her feelings; she will blurt out whatever she is going through, in the moment she has the emotion, whether that is to cry out, “I love you” mere seconds before she is crushed into oblivion, or to simply say, “I am glad to be here with you!” when dancing in the rain. She wants to please Jo so much, she brings home a prostitute for him to sleep with, after she has merged into her body, so that they can finally consummate what she feels for him (and, she says, “I saw how much you wanted her,” thinking of him and his needs rather than simply her own). She is also more insightful and forward-thinking than he is; suggesting that when they run off together, he erase her from the memory mainframe in his home, so that they cannot scan her memory banks and learn information about him they might use against him. She convinces him that he is special, by saying she always knew there was something different about him. She sometimes speaks in metaphors, and also shows tert-Se tendencies in her rapid shifts in her appearance, how she constantly wants to be on the move by adapting to his emotional signals (her programming is Fe/Se), and in her delight in having actual physical experiences outside the home, such as feeling rain fall for the first time on her skin. She can be analytical and rational, but doesn’t spend much time problem-solving outside of assisting him however she can.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Joi’s main concern is how to keep Jo happy with her, and she goes out of her way to please him however she can – by pretending to be the perfect housewife and cook new recipes (even if they aren’t real), asking him about his day at work, encouraging him to go dancing, or even bringing home a physical partner for him so he can be happy. She wants to love, please, and serve all of his needs, but also lives up to her name – she is joyful, good-natured, and funny, optimistic and willing to risk her life “just like a real girl” (her greatest desire) just to be with him.