Jo is orderly and systematic in how he approaches information; he wants to go through it slowly, compile it, and test it for whether it holds up before he operates on it. He is instinctively curious and also highly aware of and in tune with his environment, spotting clues others miss (like the inscription on the tree, almost buried in the dirt, or wondering why someone would keep a dead tree in the first place, when someone else brings it up). He easily problem-solves and takes risks, by throwing himself bodily into action, pursuing every lead that might solve the mystery of where the ‘robot-born child’ went, or even shed a clue into his own past. But he also takes things too much on a superficial level and considers no alternatives; even though he has proof of being a robot in his preconditioning and how easily he can repair himself, Jo still considers the fact that he might have been ‘born’ rather than created. Once convinced that his memory is real, he follows it to find proof – and then assumes he is the chosen one, the child born, without considering other possibilities (like the memory being planted in his head by the person who actually lived it). He becomes convinced of one reality, one goal, one explanation, and follows it wherever it leads. His Fe is mild-mannered and tolerant, has a ‘we’ sensibility in how he sees himself as part of a greater whole, and is generous to his holographic girlfriend, to the extent of not wanting her to act out any feeling that isn’t authentic to her, while going along with all of them. He saves up his money to make her transportable and ‘real’ – so he can take her along with him on his adventures, and objects to the idea of wiping her from his home’s main frame, because then if anything happens to the holographic stick, she will ‘die.’

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

Jo has a surprisingly pleasant way about him, in that he approaches those he’s supposed to bring in for reconditioning and politely asks them not to fight him, since it will be much easier on both of them if they will come peacefully. They don’t, so he has to beat them up or kill them and extract their eye as proof of the deed being done. He has a passive, mild manner about him, approaching subordinates with respect and not wanting to get on their bad side, avoiding direct confrontations, and finding peace at home through engaging in a virtual-reality relationship rather than a real one (though when she wants to merge into a third person for a “threesome,” he amicably complies). He even tells her she need not tell him that she loves him if she doesn’t want to, in the midst of their relationship. His 8 wing comes out under threat in how he calmly, competently handles anyone who tries to get the best of him, shoot him, steal his ‘ride,’ or otherwise gets in his way, even if it means slowly suffocating an enemy to death by holding them underwater.