Bruno does not have much screen time, but he is decidedly Si – when he receives his visions as a gift, he treats them as foreign and scary rather than a blessing, because they sometimes foretell bad things, and he doesn’t know how to interpret them (his inferior Ne, however, tries to keep an open mind – Mirabel might destroy their home, or she might save it; there are two ways to see this). Even when he ran away, he didn’t go far – he just ducked inside the walls and has lived with them, unseen and unnoticed, ever since, feeling and taking comfort in what is familiar to him. He finds it hard to leave his comfort zone, or step back into the real world – and is scared to have another vision, because the last one he had was so terrifying and unpleasant to him. Bruno also wavers between social ineptitude (he tried to tell his sisters about their futures, but wound up botching it and making them both upset at him, another reason for him to hide away from people) and desperately wanting to contribute in some meaningful way. He entertains himself (and his pet rats) by taking on different personas in hiding, pretending he has companions or is someone other than his true self, but is only truly happy when he’s able to emerge from hiding and explain himself in a way that others can understand, without upsetting them. He has thought a lot about the vision and reached a conclusion that it has more than one possible outcome; that not all his visions are ‘set’ but that their abstract nature means they are open to change and interpretation.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

When Mirabel asks if Bruno has been trying to repair the cracks in the house, Bruno looks freaked out and says, “No, I stay away from them!” He is suspicious, paranoid, and reclusive, always muttering under his breath, throwing salt over his shoulder to ward off evil spirits, etc. He also was so fearful of the consequences of his vision, which implicated Mirabel in the possible destruction of their home and the magic, that he simply… disappeared rather than face everyone being upset with him. He’s afraid to come home, but was also afraid to leave; he feels somewhat misunderstood, because he can’t articulate his visions well, and struggled to tell his sister their true meaning (that one of them should feel whatever she wants to feel, and not change it to suit anyone else). He has lived quite happily as a recluse for over a decade, hidden in the walls of the house.

The Family

The rest of the family have such limited screen time, it’s hard to make an argument for most of them, but here are my thoughts.

Camilo: ESTP 7w6 so/sp

He mostly spends his time physically altering his looks to make other people laugh, and using his shape-shifting skills to his advantage (in order to ‘steal’ a few more treats from the kitchen, for example). He has an others-focus that indicates low Fe, and is playful and fun.

Isabela: ESFJ 3w2 so/sx

Her entire arc is about learning to go with what she feels, rather than catering to everyone else’s wishes, needs, and demands all the time; this is a struggle Fe-doms have against breaking free and being their own person, rather than assuming everyone else’s wishes must come first. It’s only when she learns to allow herself to be imperfect, and to create imperfect things, that she comes out of her shell and achieves the individualization she so craved; she was even willing to marry someone she didn’t like, just to please her family.

Dolores: ISFP 9w1 so/sp

She is cheerful but separate from her family, much quieter than most of them and not as inclined to share her feelings; she just accepted that she would be thwarted in love, but leaps at the chance to accept someone once it is offered to her. She listens to everything, and reacts to everything in the present moment, without thought for how it might ripple through the family (she overhears the prophecy and shares it immediately).

Luisa: ISFJ 2w3 so/sp

She feels that she must help everyone in practical ways all the time by using her strength to their advantage, while resenting the fact that she feels exhausted from carrying the weight of everyone else’s expectations on her shoulders; she doesn’t think she has the right to pull away from them and establish her own needs and wants.

Pepa: ESFP 4w3 so/sx

Whatever emotion she is having in the moment is completely dominating her life, and she often overreacts massively, sometimes seeing problems where none exist and struggling to maintain an optimistic attitude. She takes things rather literally, but is also fast to get things done, focus on what’s unfolding around her, and struggles to control her own feelings.

Antonio: ISFP 9w1 so/sp

Seems like a trope — since ISFPs are the ones most connected to nature and in understanding things deeply through Fi/Ni. He is eager to connect to nature and animals and his room is very physical. His aunt is ISFJ.