At one point, Shrek tells Donkey that not everything is literal; sometimes things (and people) have “layers” of meaning. Donkey does not really understand this, since he sees everything on the surface level of what it is – those stars are just bright dots hanging there, after all. He freaks out when he sees Fiona as an ogre, since he assumes this creature has eaten the princess, but also encourages her to be honest with Shrek. Donkey loves to go new places, have new adventures, and try things – when they reach Lord Farquad’s town, he gets excited about seeing the little “information center” puppets perform a second time. He marches into Fiona’s parent’s castle and makes himself at home,  not to mention tries to make himself at home in Shrek’s place, insisting that tomorrow he’s going to make them waffles. Donkey is a chatterbox, seemingly immune to whether he is annoying other people or not – this self-absorption enables him to drive Shrek insane, since he has to talk about whatever is happening around him. His conversations are often tactless and sometimes downright insulting, as he points out the obvious (that Fiona sure is ugly, that Shrek drives people away for a deep emotional reason, and that he thinks what Shrek means is that Lord F. has a really little…). Donkey doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings unintentionally and asks how to let Dragon down without hurting her feelings, in case it ever happens again (before he winds up married to her!). To save his life, he flatters her and talks about what a beautiful Dragon she is (fumbling his way through flattering her and also warning her that she doesn’t have permission to tug on his tail!). Donkey can become quite blunt when he’s mad, angrily insisting that Shrek doesn’t need any other best friend (he wants Puss in Boots to go away), or insulting people. His inferior Ni is quite poor. Donkey never reads between the lines well, except to sense that Fiona and Shrek are falling in love (he catches them trading romantic looks and accurately interprets the situation). Donkey doesn’t understand why Dragon is so testy until she turns up with a bunch of babies and he realizes it was just pregnancy hormones. He struggles to accept Shrek’s metaphor about onions and ogres, and tries to convince him to pick something more people like (such as parfait!).

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Donkey’s brain runs about a thousand miles a minute, keeping him constantly entertained – but also easily bored, since it takes him no time at all to find a journey tedious and start asking when they’re going to arrive so they can start having some FUN. He is full of wild enthusiasm for most things (as long as they aren’t too dangerous; he hates heights), has a happy-go-lucky tendency to ignore the bad in favor of the good (he sticks around with Shrek, choosing to see the good in him, rather than being put off by how mean and obnoxious he is at first), and is always excited about new things. But… his 6 wing really likes to have Shrek around to protect him, is easily terrified and convinced to turn into anxiety (one eye twitch makes him convinced he’s going to die), is very focused on doing what’s best for his friends, and feels the happiest when he’s part of a nice little group, whom he is especially loyal toward.