Puss is an adventure-seeking, risk-taking feline with a tendency to love ‘em and leave ‘em, and do whatever he’s signed up for wholeheartedly, whether that involves setting out to rescue a friend or getting to the bottom of a bottle of milk on a bender. He lives fully in the moment and always knows how to exploit a situation to his best advantage. He comes up with quick fixes to all his problems, and Shrek’s problems, and Donkey’s problems, too, without a second thought. No problem stumps him, because he knows he can think his way out of just about anything. Puss has a decent grasp of language and can playfully skewer someone with a subtle insult without hesitation. He catches on fast, and doesn’t let his feelings get in the way of wise decisions. Emotional manipulation? Puss is all over it. He enjoys tormenting Donkey to get a rise out of him, by making him think that he and Shrek are laughing at him (a quick glance over his shoulder, before they both laugh). He thinks he can sweet-talk his way in and out of any situation, and often can (though he still gets tossed in jail for carrying around catnip). He shamelessly flatters Shrek by appealing to his ego, praising him, telling him how handsome his human self is, etc. And he strings along a lot of different felines in various ports across the world. More importantly, he knows how to pull the old “BIG EYES” trick, to make people feel sorry for him, which means getting away with… stuff. Puss sometimes complains about things, and likes to be liked, but also is fairly decent at giving heartwarming advice … now and again. When Shrek yells at Arthur and sends him off practically in tears, Puss knows exactly what is “going down”; he is fairly good at reading others and instinctively sensing their fears and desires, but… maybe carrying catnip around in Far Far Away was not such a great idea…?

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Puss is extremely self-confident and one even might say arrogant; he assumes everyone is going to love him, that he can get any job done, and that they will benefit from his presence in their group, on their quest to help Shrek turn into a human so he can win back his lady love. He is far more emotional than he lets on (“don’t cry…”) and somewhat needy, in that he likes to be liked, admired, and praised. Puss will lavish the same on other people to manipulate them, overdoing it in his helpfulness (he is, Donkey thinks – and he’s not wrong – something of a “kiss-ass”). In the alternate timeline, we see that Puss has “let himself go” – falling down into 9 disintegration and becoming fat and unmotivated, only sating himself with cream and other self-soothing things, while not caring about his appearance and insisting he will exercise and get that mouse later. This is a far departure from his usual charming, charismatic self.