Fiona tends to put others’ needs before her own, and make decisions based on how they feel – for the good and the not-so-great; when she first comes out of the tower, she’s been waiting around for a Prince to rescue her, because that’s what is expected of a princess in her culture (in a different timeline, she takes matters into her own hands, and ‘rescues myself’). Then she’s upset because Shrek has abided by none of the cultural norms – he isn’t polite, he hasn’t come to kiss her, he is an ogre, and he throws her over his shoulder in a super undignified way! When she takes him home to meet her parents, she’s distressed that he and her father immediately clash and start fighting at the dinner table – and then she lets him have it for being so rude and uncouth. But when she finds out he has gone to so much trouble, to give her the happily ever after that she wants, and is willing to give up everything – his life in the swamp and his ogre self – for her, to make her happy, Fiona refuses, because she wouldn’t want him to be anything other than he is; she wants to live with “the ogre I married.” She is very practical, down to earth, and rational, but also tends to be traditional in her thinking. When she first meets Shrek, she is going on and on about what she has been taught to expect from knights and chivalry, and is angry that the real world doesn’t match up with what it’s “supposed” to be (romantic!!). She wanted a brave knight on a noble steed to come and rescue her, like every other princess! But as she goes with Shrek through the woods, she decides not to judge people before she knows more about them, and opens her heart to him – coming to see him a different way. Even though she’s willing to marry someone else to break the spell (after Shrek rejects her due to a misunderstanding), Fiona still sees the good in Shrek and wants their lives to be together; she is willing to embrace a new and different existence as an ogre, and not look back (though she is a bit sentimental about her family and her kingdom).

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

When Shrek first meets Fiona, she is all excited to meet the handsome knight who has come to save her, and bestow upon her “true love’s first kiss.” She soon falls in love with Shrek, despite his green appearance, and against her own better judgment – love is, after all, extremely important to her, but so is maintaining a certain “image.” She doesn’t want anyone to see her ogre self, so she keeps it hidden from them out of fear of rejection, is devastated when Lord Farquad calls her a monster / creature / thing, and feels deeply insecure when visiting her parents that they might reject her, or that she has disappointed them. Fiona takes love and romance very seriously, but also has a temper; she wants things to be a certain way, the RIGHT way, and doesn’t like things that do not measure up, including her own appearance. She issues orders and expects others to follow them, and to do things properly. But when she gets really mad, she uses her line to 8 to really put her foot down – she has a habit of punching people/creatures in the face, yelling at them, and putting them in their place, sometimes giving Shrek as good as he gives.