Shrek is a quick thinker, who prefers direct methods to any other ones – he assesses people and situations immediately upon encountering them and reaches rational conclusions that also amuse himself (him pointing out that the size of the castle is suspicious and might infer Lord Farquad is ‘compensating’ for something). When Farquad dumps all the fairy tale creatures in his swamp, Shrek figures out the fastest way to get rid of them is to go there and have a talk with Farquad, then to beat up the knights told to kill him, and finally, to deliver Fiona to her future husband, after he rescues her from the Tower and defeats the dragon – all of which he finds stupid. He has no respect for tradition, scoffs at the idea of romance, and has a brusque, rude manner (telling Donkey how annoying and obnoxious he is, being inconsiderate of his feelings and needs, and pointing out how he has no friends, and it’s no wonder that’s the case). Shrek is opportunistic in his fighting style, using the environment to get the upper hand (adapting quickly to it; wrestling knights and bashing them into each other, spilling beer so they will slip in it; fighting the dragon by causing her to wrap up her own chain and then putting a sword through it). He evaluates most things on a surface level, believing Fiona was speaking about him when she said a ‘hideous monster,’ rather than questioning it further, and thinking she might be happier if he changed his appearance to one more suited to her kingdom. But he has better Ni than Donkey, when he points out that not all things are superficial, and sometimes they have deeper meaning, in their conversation about the stars. Shrek’s inferior Fe is apparent – he is temperamental and often has emotional upsets and meltdowns, can become petulant and childish when he’s angry, loses his temper in public all the time, and yet… is willing to change his entire appearance and lifestyle for Fiona, when he sees how unhappy she is visiting her parents. Shrek doesn’t care about his life as an ogre if being a human is what she wants; he wants her to have it, and works hard to change his appearance, save her from Charming, and put all to rights (but is secretly relieved when she prefers to be with ‘the ogre I married’!).

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Shrek is, in a word, obnoxious – he has a bad temper and reacts with rage throughout most of the first film, asserting his energy in forceful ways to drive people out of his home and his swamp, throwing Donkey out his front door, scaring people and telling them to run away, standing up to Lord Farquad, even throwing Fiona over his shoulder and marching her off to the castle. In the second film, he gets into an angry argument with her father over the dinner table, ignoring how everyone else is cringing and wanting them to stop their fight. He stands up to his fears by facing down dragons, mocking those in authority over him, and refusing to bend to their orders. He is also earthy, sensual, and enjoys being ‘of the earth’ (unapologetic about his lust for life and enjoyment of it). His 9 just wants to be “left alone… at peace…” in the middle of nowhere (his withdrawn tendencies), and he is willing to bully, confront, and assert himself to make sure he gets to live his life how he wants to. Rather than deal with Fiona after they’ve had a fight, he runs off to avoid her, and winds up deciding to change himself for her sake.