Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Kate makes all her decisions based on what she believes is right – unlike those around her, she doesn’t believe it’s right to keep people in the dark about the impending doom that awaits them in a few months. She often says exactly what she thinks, even if it’s “inappropriate” to the situation – such as when the president prioritizes the comet after ignoring it for weeks and calling them crackpots; as Kate says, “Oh, so now you’re facing a sex scandal that could tank your reelection efforts, so the comet is important.” She also tells her to her face that she did not vote for her, and doesn’t like her, but that she will work with her, for the common good, because she has to. After being silenced and working at a convenience store, she tells guys who get caught shoplifting booze to go ahead and walk out the door; she doesn’t care, it’s not her business, and they’re all gonna be dead in a few months anyway. When people ask her what’s “really happening” in a restaurant, she tells them point-blank that they’re all going to die, and the government is ineptly handling this, because “they deserve to know the truth.” She becomes defensive when others criticize her work, or question where she got her degree. Kate is also fully based in the present moment; she bluntly states the facts at times (“My head is in a bag!”) and pays attention to her immediate needs (“What if I need to pee?”). Her immediate solution to finding out they’re all going to die is to track it in her diet app (“I’m not on a diet, but at least I know when I’m going to die”), to pop Xanex like it’s going out of fashion, to drink, hang out with “losers” and fool around with a boy, because “what the hell, we’re going to all die anyway.” She often does things without thinking them through, such as asserting the truth despite being told to keep her mouth shut, winding up hauled off by the FBI, and having to sign a nondisclosure form. Under stress, she becomes fixated on the impending apocalypse, certain that it’s going to happen, and over-focused on waiting for the end to come, rather than actively working on solutions. She just accepts the inevitably of it, but also gets stuck wondering why a five-star general made them pay for snacks, when snacks are free at the White House. Under stress, she screams at people, over-asserts herself, and is terribly blunt.

Enneagram: cp 6w5 sp/sx

Kate is a blend of passivity and aggression, swinging between abiding by what the authorities tell her to do and actively resisting them, accusing them of moronic behavior, of denial and refusing to accept the truth, and telling other people they should be terrified, because she is. She admits that she’s scared all the time – but she often does things that she regrets a moment later, such as screaming the truth in public and then being hauled off with a bag over her head to have a stern ‘talking to.’ She angrily tells them to take the bag off her head, but is freaked out when wondering what they mean by ‘silencing’ her. After signing a nondisclosure agreement, she passively submits to it, keeps her head down, and goes about her day, but then heads up a movement to warn people, tell them to prepare for their deaths, and ‘look up’! Her 5 wing is not a people-person; she’s somewhat caustic, private, and withdrawn. She hates being the center of attention and turning into an online meme, but later figures out that she can use that to her advantage.