Camille is a warm, friendly, and social girl who immediately makes Emily feel at home, gives her a job in promoting her father’s brand of champagne (and is delighted when Emily can figure out how to use it – for “spraying” / celebrations), and talks to her about all her feelings, secrets, and thoughts about what’s going on in her life. She likes to pamper her friend and take her places, and sees her misadventures as fodder for hilarious conversations rather than life-altering mistakes. She is both aware of what is socially appropriate and extremely up-front about her true feelings, airing them as soon as things happen – she goes from being happy and supportive of Emily, to finding out about her affair, and then confronting her in front of her guests, breaking her champagne glass, and storming away. When Emily tries to make amends, Camille insults her by telling her that her French is ghastly and to leave her alone… but when her father wants Emily to do their ad campaign and refuses to have anyone else do it for them, Camille puts aside her own feelings for the good of her family and “makes nice.” This eventually leads them to starting their relationship over, and making a pact, that neither one of them will be with Gabriel. But she doesn’t keep it; being around him reminds her of how much she likes him and she falls back into the exact same relationship as before. Camille is very aware of French culture and fine with living inside it; she is somewhat shallow at first, focused only on sensual experiences, but over time, we see more and more how rooted in her history she is. She has fond memories everywhere, habits and routines that she keeps up (even if it’s just to meet her friends in a sauna and hang out, naked), a strong sense of familial obligation and duty, and … low Ne awareness. She says Gabriel is different and that ‘something’ is going on, but she can’t put her finger on what it is. She never even considers that Emily might be involved with him, despite them living in the same building, until she finds out Gabriel has given Emily his ‘special pan,’ the one he won’t let her touch, it’s so important to him. Camille never questions her own judgment, or whether she might be in the wrong; she also turns herself into a hypocrite and a liar, when she agrees with Emily that neither of them should date Gabriel, and then goes back on her promise without remembering their pact or apologizing for it. She can be very critical under stress, tearing into Emily for her mispronunciation of French words as part of her insults.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Camille is good-natured, frivolous, and fun-loving. She also doesn’t want to dwell in sad things, and has to turn them into happy, thrill-seeking adventures. When Gabriel doesn’t call her for a while, though suspicious of what he’s up to, she decides to distract herself by dancing, flirting, and having a one night stand—but she finds out she’s not emotionally ready to move on yet, and winds up crying in a chapel where she wanted to bring Gabriel on a date. She loves to drag others along on fun days to the spa, shopping, to push them at men, and to avoid thinking about her problems. She reframes things into opportunities opened rather than chances missed. Though she loves to gallivant, she is fiercely loyal to her parents and willing to put aside her personal feelings to abide by their wishes, within reason.