Gabriel is highly emotional, but not overly expressive about it – he tends to act on his feelings more than spout them at people, such as when he and Emily spend the night together when they assume they might not be seeing each other again anytime soon. He is very caring and loving toward others, calling up Camille’s mom to make sure her father is okay after a bottle-opening mishap even though they are broken up (and everyone knows about it), but also awkward when caught in the middle between two women he likes. Gabriel has very set views about what he wants, and is willing to walk out of a situation rather than deal with it further, though he will compromise if the terms are agreeable to him (he agrees to stay on at the restaurant, if they will leave it a sit-down dining experience until 10pm, and after that turn it into a nightclub). He is all about food and sensory experiences, and has a lot to teach Emily about the taste, texture, and sensual side of food. He loves to prepare it and give it a unique presentation, and will spend hours immersed in the kitchen to create just one perfect dish. He brings her a beautiful cake for her birthday, he comes up with a lot of mini cakes at the last minute for a party because she asks him, and is unconcerned with time constraints. Gabriel has always wanted to own his own restaurant, but though he struggles with money, does not want to take charity from his girlfriend’s father; he would rather work with someone else, as an investor, and make his own way in the world.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Gabriel is mild-mannered and conflict avoidant. He doesn’t want to create too much of a fuss, but is also willing to stomp out of his restaurant and quit if it’s not up to his standards—he finds the loud, busy, music-infused restaurant too much for himself to handle, is upset that it’s not the way he wanted things (nice and quiet), and ducks out. When Camille yells at him and Emily for having slept together, Gabriel vanishes for a few days, and tries to come to grips with Emily seeing other people. He also falls back into a relationship with Camille, after being around her, because he just starts ‘merging’ into her once again; he does this despite his feelings for Emily, because he lacks the energy to pursue her as energetically as he could, if she wouldn’t keep rebuffing him (he listens to her and abides by her wishes, even if it’s not what he wants). He wants to do the right thing, and be good, but finds it easier to follow his passions and instincts.