Mindy is a singer and songwriter who just wants to perform, who left China because she felt stifled under her father’s hand (he is the “zipper king” and she wanted to do her own thing, so now they are not speaking to each other). She earns a paltry living in a drag club, where she performs as a half-boy/half-girl, until she hooks up with a band when she finds out she needs no work visa to sing for them. When she finds out they are singing on the street for tips, she’s excited, because it’s technically thrill-seeking. She becomes competitive when other artists horn in on her territory, but also adapts to the moment and competes with them (mirroring the mime so they don’t lose their audience). She also evaluates things on a surface level first – congratulating Emily on sleeping with a hot guy in her building, assuming the guy who invites her into the band is gay (when she finds out he’s not, they quickly start hooking up). Mindy leaps on a train and hangs out with Emily one weekend, going to spas and having fun in hotels, where she says the best breakup medicine is a one night stand. She left her father and her country because she wanted to ‘do my own thing,’ and be true to her feelings, and live like a penniless musician (even though she’s a billionaire and famous across the world). She’s somewhat absorbed in her own feelings, but hesitates to express them directly, such as when she finds out her dad was at their favorite destination a week ahead of her, and he never said a word. Mindy isn’t sure what to do about it, and finally sends her dad a photo of herself in their favorite spot, to show him he’s “busted.” She can be occasionally blunt in telling people off, but has no real plan for her life beyond the present and her desire to make it as a singer on her own, without her daddy’s help to succeed.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Mindy is a fun girl, who tends to avoid confronting problems head-on; she will focus on the positive rather than the negative, congratulating Emily on her hookup, rather than thinking it might be problematic, cause trouble with her other relationships, or end in tears. She believes in self-rewards and distractions, such as finding another guy to hook up with if the first one dumps you. She likes to be the center of attention, but isn’t looking to create stability so much as focus on having fun; she brightens up when Emily asks her to a fun weekend, even if it involves helping her keep secrets from Camille. But she can be assertive when she wants to be, and doesn’t back down from a challenge – she assumes if what she’s doing is illegal, she can just outrun the cops. Mindy doesn’t hesitate to go after the guy she wants, or think how it might affect other parts of her life.