Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Sylvie is a professional businesswoman in a world of men, who believes in keeping the client happy and in doing business the way “it has always been done.” She immediately hates Emily because of her American sensibilities – her focus on social media, on telling people what to do, and on “showy” things turns Sylvie off, who is old-fashioned in her sensibilities. She even refuses to put in air-conditioning because it’s France, and nobody does that. She is very good at making good things come out of Emily’s mistakes, because she can go in, smooth things over with the client, and give them what they want (often, a financial incentive to stay with them). Sylvie gives orders and expects things to get done, and has very little patience for incompetent, unprofessional behavior and people, but also has a double-standard. She sleeps with some of their clients, but points out to Emily that doing that might be foolish. She accepts French culture for what it is, but is possessive and defensive when her lover sends Emily lingerie as a thank-you. She also lets down the business end of things by giving deals to the men she sleeps with, and offering them preferential treatment—she books a photographer for jobs, and under-charges their most prestigious client because of their fifteen year affair. She is resistant to too much change, but over time, comes to see how Emily has some good ideas on how to modernize and improve things; she welcomes the new clients she brings in, and appreciates what she has to offer them enough to offer her an exclusive, permanent job in Paris. She is also more able to take time off, because of her French attitude—that the weekend is for pleasure, and we do not work on the weekend.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Sylvie wastes no time in telling Emily that she doesn’t like her, and does not want her there, but she is willing to put up with her to make their American co-owners “happy.” She sees no reason to be nice, except to clients, she is brutal in her assessment of others’ mistakes, and she will turn over clients to other agents if she feels someone is making a mistake, without seeing a problem in calling them out for being an idiot. She is sexually adventurous and has had many partners, and has no real hang-ups about her “immoral” French culture (it’s what we do in France, it’s how things are). She doesn’t bother to hide her affairs from anyone, and becomes more aggressive in showing off her lovers when others attempt to curtail her. Though blunt, her 9 wing doesn’t see the point in unnecessary drama, so she avoids most of it. She is somewhat withdrawn, private, and goes about her business quietly, even when it means she intends to leave–and take everyone with her. She will go along with things to keep important people happy.