Frida cannot stand silent when there is misinformation being shared about trolls, to the extent that she interrupts her teacher multiple times to challenge the content of a tape they are being shown and finally gets up, stops the tape, and walks out because she refuses to listen to the propaganda anymore. When she finds out their friend Hilda has been turned into a troll, the first thing she asks is, “What do we do about it?” She then goes to the library and starts researching magical spells that would allow them to shrink, trying multiple times to make it work even though the librarian warns her that it won’t (and becoming frustrated because she is following the book exactly; it should do something). She challenges the other kids to question what they have been taught based on evidence and personal experience, rather than stories (“Have any of YOU actually seen anyone eaten by a troll?”). She also calls bunk on the propaganda because it doesn’t line up with her own personal experiences and interactions with trolls. Though cautious about them, Frida also thinks outside the box in hoping that she can learn to communicate with them through magic, to understand what they want and put an end to their hostility toward the town. She tries to figure out where they are coming from and what they want (Te and Ne). Finally, she is not emotional or easily upset, but she does have firm values and viewpoints; she’s willing to disrupt things and walk out, rather than listen to something she believes to be false.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Frida is all about doing what’s right and practical in the moment—directly attacking problems and finding solutions, based on her gut instincts and her sense of moral injustice. She starts picketing and gathers others around her in support of a good cause (not listening to the bad stuff about trolls anymore), and isn’t afraid to stand up to her teacher and demand she cease spreading misinformation. She always trusts herself in deciding what to do, but also looks for ways to be useful, productive, and helpful to others. She isn’t for dismissing the trolls without hearing them out or trying to do what’s best for everyone involved. She even uses kindness to help a troll remove the bell from its nose in order to try building a connection to it.