Hilda is a highly active girl who enjoys the freedom that being a troll gives her, but not the constraints or the lack of being at home with her family and friends. She loves it when she discovers how strong she is, how far she can climb, and what she can do, now that she’s no longer human. She is highly reactive in her environment and always on the go, busy doing things—and not always wisely. She tends to evaluate things on a surface level, in conjunction with what she wants – when she finds a large troll trapped by bells, she never once wonders what the purpose might be, or that he could be a prisoner. Even though she has heard stories about the mountain king, she never thinks the troll might be him or that he’s using her to get out of his prison – she just assumes he means well and intends to turn her back into a human, because that’s what she wants out of life. So she sets about helping him—stealing him troll grog, using pillows to silence the bells, and cutting them free to release him (a combination of Se opportunism, Te direct thinking, and low Ni’s inability to evaluate his intentions). Hilda doesn’t want to be anyone but herself. She is fiercely individualistic and hates to be constrained, but also blames herself when it all goes wrong – seeing that it’s her responsibility to fix the situation and taking it upon herself to understand, communicate with, and reason with the trolls. Since her own experience within the eye caused her to gain understanding, she knows it will do the same for the city watch and throws it onto him, so he will know about the troll mother. Her lower Ni only pieces together the truth at the last minute, just in time to save the day and the town from being destroyed.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

Hilda is headstrong and defiant, often going her own way through life, and trying to see the best in other people – but when that fails, she becomes angry and confrontational. She manages to see the good in the trolls and even in the one who changed her into one, despite being upset about her current situation. She doesn’t like school much, because it limits her ability to be doing the things she wants to do and having fun – and manages to enjoy being a troll, even while working toward returning to her human state (she finds it fun to run around the caves meeting trolls, finding out what they collect and uncovering their hordes, and playing tossing games with them). Her temper sometimes gets the best of her, and she can be very assertive when she needs to be. She’s also highly proactive in going after what she wants, in trying to escape, and in demanding others do the right thing.