Peacemaker is a straightforward communicator, who makes an awful lot of assumptions based on what he knows, and of his own personal experience – like assuming Cleo is going to be lazy because she’s a millennial (that’s why she’s sleeping in her cell), or asking Polka-Dot man if he’s called that because his power is to throw polka-dots at people (actually… it’s true, which Peacemaker immediately figures out when the man doesn’t answer him). He has a theme of ‘liberty’ ongoing and argues fiercely in favor of it, driven when he questions Bloodsport’s leadership skills (with the assumption that his own are superior – along with his superior assassination techniques, and his contempt for a man who accepts money to kill people). He mows through people, showing off his techniques and skill, without remorse or thinking about whether they should die. One of his favorite tricks is bullets rigged to explode, showing his perverse sense of humor. He often says off the wall things, using disturbing metaphors about body parts and linking it to liberty, questioning whether the mission has to do with butt-holes, etc. He also has poor inferior Fi, in the sense that he becomes morally outraged at the idea of killing people for money, but has decided to kill them for peace himself. Since he has no real conscience, he has no problem killing others on his squad to ‘protect the mission’ and do what he has been told by his superior officer.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sx

A deeply misguided sociopath, Peacemaker devoted his life to being a “pacifist diplomat” who grew so committed to peace, he decided to enforce it by killing all those who stand in its way. He feels self-righteous about this decision, because it’s less base than killing people for money (he dislikes Bloodsport because of this, and the two men engage in a skills-related pissing contest to prove each other superior). He is confident, even cocky, and self-assured, making immediate decisions and choosing to enforce peace through violence. In a misguided way, he thinks he’s doing the “right thing,” even if that involves a massive cover-up and killing the people he has grown closer to over the last few days. He over-emphases his 9 wing, which also numbs him to anything he dislikes or finds unpleasant; he reframes it into a positive self-image, to embolden his ego.