Bloodsport wound up in prison because he accepts money for killing people, a lucrative business that caused him to set out after Superman with a Kryptonite bullet. He thinks his way through problems in search of solutions that won’t get himself killed, but is also amoral in his logical makeup. When his daughter tells him she got arrested for stealing, Bloodsport is more annoyed that she was so stupid as to get caught (he tells her next time to take a buddy along who can play lookout and warn her, so she can get away) and because she got caught stealing something “stupid” (getting caught is dumb, getting caught stealing something that lame is even dumber) than he considers it a “bad” or “wrong” thing to do. He is often straightforward and doesn’t mince his words, calling out others for idiotic statements, but also willing to admit when they are right (even if it annoys him). Bloodsport adapts quickly to his environment and makes decisions in the spur of the moment; he doesn’t hesitate to blast and fight his way through intense situations, and often makes impulsive decisions without thinking them through (such as when he kills people in the village, only to find out they were the Resistance and useful to them / friends with someone who saved one of the squad’s life). He is quick to scale buildings and confidently leads the squad, although he tells the woman who blackmails him into it at first that he is NOT a leader. It proves true, since he keeps to himself and does his own thing within the group more than he tries to control anyone around him. Bloodsport is quick to catch on to things (he realizes his superior is going to use his daughter against him, and is angry about that), but doesn’t appear to ponder beyond what lies on the surface. He has no morals or scruples, but will lose his temper and scream at people when provoked, escalating into a shouting match with his own daughter rather than knowing she needs comfort and reassurances. Emotions are not his thing.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Bloodsport is all about power dynamics and heeding them; he is blunt, forceful in his opinions, and unafraid to use force to accomplish whatever task he has set for himself, whether that includes mounting a rescue mission or killing someone on his own squad for going off-book. He has a bad temper, is always telling people off, bucks authority even to his superiors (and the woman who could blow his head off with the touch of a button), and his answers are often decisive. He has a black and white mentality, you are either for him or against him, but he softens around those in need of protection and rises to the occasion. He and his daughter engage in a screaming match when she comes to him in prison to confess she’s in trouble and needs his help. But he also numbs out and ignores any kind of emotions at times, pushing aside his anger to maintain peace when necessary, and calmly going about his business, even if that means scraping gum off the floor in the prison.